World of Weirth Adventure Seed #1 – Lair of the Cyclopes

World of Weirth Adventure Seed #1 – Lair of the Cyclopes

As part of the #Dungeon23 Project I have been writing up some lairs and encounters for the surface areas above the megadungeon. This first one is an unfinished wizard’s tower, now in ruins, that has become the lair of an unusual tribe of cyclopes.

This introductory Adventure Seed is not really a module, per se. It is a point of interest you can drop into your own Old-School FRP Game.

The Cyclopes’ Lair can be extremely deadly,  or a challenging opportunity for negotiation.

Adventure Seed Story Hook Cyclops LairThere is grove of sycamore trees on the edge of a large marsh, two to three acres in size. The marsh is a long oval, stretching for nearly half a mile.

The sycamores grow well in the soft, moist soil, and produce figs of surpassing quality. A generation ago, a wizard built a tower and a small keep here, to take advantage of the grove and provide income for the families that moved out here to build his abode.

The wizard chose an isolated spot, safe from prying eyes, but that proved to be his downfall. A tribe of Cyclopes discovered his domicile and took him by surprise while it was still under construction.

Now these cyclopes live in the ruins of the unfinished tower. The villagers who remain are slaves under the watchful eye of the Cyclops Matriarch; a primordial witch who trains her daughters in debased magic from cults only she can remember.

Download the PDF as PWYW on, and be sure to subscribe and watch for more seeds (and complete dungeon levels!) in the coming year.

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