Great Stuff at Blood & Pigment

Great Stuff at Blood & Pigment

I got into the Blood & Plunder KS several years ago, now. Of course, life comes at you fast, and things change. My wife had a couple of job changes that required moving to other states, and these minis got stuck in storage.

I did manage to paint quite a few, a Dutch faction (though not very historically accurate, more for playability!). I still have three ships that need to get painted…

Joseph Forster at Blood & Pigment shares a spectacular Brigantine model:

Completed Brigantine

By Joseph Forster

I recently added a new brigantine to my fleet and wanted to share some pictures. I really didn’t know what I was doing when I got my first brigantine with the original Kickstarter back in early 2017, so it held the honor of being the ugliest ship in my fleet.

The Brigantine has always held the distinction of doing “everything decently” but not being great at any one thing. But I “heard a rumor” that this ship is getting a little buff with the release of the Raise the Black rulebook, so I figured it was a good time to build up a presentable Brigantine.

The thing I’m most excited about on this Brigantine is the sails! I’ve made and purchased several different kinds of sails over the years but I think I’m finally settled. These are Seamon’s Deluxe Sails, created by the an expert seamstress, no other that our own Guy Rheuark’s mother!

I’m going to do a full review of these sails soon so I won’t gush over them long here. But they are truly great!

Read the whole thing.

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