Campaign Carnival: Setting Up for Age of Penda

Campaign Carnival: Setting Up for Age of Penda

After seeing the Hethwill Wargames video on Age of Penda, I decided it was a game system I needed to try out.

I read the rulebook, it is fast, simple, and looks to be brutally exciting! I’ve decided to run Age of Penda for Scenario 1 of the Campaign Carnival 2022.

I made a game board, as it is a Grid System, and made army lists with my 6mm Lizardmen and Beastmen armies.
The board itself is made with canvas boards, from an art supply shop (I got 6 of them on clearance!)

Step 1: draw grid pattern on graph paper, so I can measure the lines on the actual boards. The canvas boards are 16″ x 20″, the the final game play area is 32″ by 40″.

Age of Penda game grid design layout
Drawing the plan for the Age of Penda grid

Step Two: Paint boards – they will dry fast in the sun!

How to make game boards for grid based wargames

Step 3: lay out the grid pattern

lay out the grid pattern for Age of Penda
The t-square comes in VERY handy!

Step 4: build the grid on the other boards, based on the first

Grid based wargame Age of Penda

Step 5: label the sectors to match the set-up in Campaign Carnival Scenario 1

Campaign Carnival set-up for Scenario 1

Step 6: army selection

6mm Fantasy lizardmen & beastmen


Here is a short video of the set-up:

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