Yangzee City Solo Campaign

Here are some of the Leagues and NPCs I’ll be using for the Yangzee City Solo Campaign this year.
Due to my schedule and other considerations, I’ll be playing out a narrative campaign, with the goal of creating fun AARs for this blog.

The Red Dragon Tong

A League of criminals led by the nefarious Dr. Koo, who run lots of Organized Crime activities in the Port City Zone.

Yangzee City Campaign Leagues and Characters

The Sisterhood of Kin-Yan

A mysterious League of women with mystical powers, this group’s goals are unknown, but they are active in Port City and the Islands. I plan to use the Sisterhood to introduce some exciting Horror/Cthulhu stuff into the game… I have more background info percolating and will be posting soon, along with the League Roster.

Yangzee City Campaign Leagues and Characters

The Germans

This League is criss-crossing the Yanzee Delta, looking for artifacts and medicinal secrets to bring back to the Fatherland. I need to flesh out this part of the story more.

Yangzee City Campaign Leagues and Characters


These models will correspond to various personalities from Vice Alley.

Yangzee City Campaign Leagues and Characters

Yangzee City Campaign Leagues and Characters

I’ll be using the Vice Alley and Perilous Island supplements for the storyline, based on a fictional Shanghai of the 1920s, with some elements of Tales from the Gold Monkey thrown in. Jaqueline “Jake” Cutter’s crew and the Goose are on the workbench right now, along with Princess Koji and a League of her own.

Yes, this premise is fantastically anachronistic and historically inaccurate. So what, it will be FUN!

As with The Wake of General Bartleby-Smythe, I’ll be sharing Campaign info and materials here for you to “borrow” (or steal, fine with me).

Maps and a custom Locations List are in process, as well as the League Rosters and some other fun things.
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