League Roster: The Sisterhood of Kin-Yan

League Roster: The Sisterhood of Kin-Yan

Pulp Figures Cowled Female Cultists


Chao Sing (Morning Star) Leader
Daiyu (Black Jade) Ally
Jiao (Dainty) Ally
Meizhen (Beautiful Pearl) Sidekick
Minghua (Tomorrow’s Flower) Follower
Xingjuan (Arising Grace) Meizhen’s Shapeshifted form

The Sisterhood of Kin-Yan is a mystical cult that flourishes in the Yangzee River Delta and Islands of the East China Sea. Extremely secretive, membership is by invitation only and the rites and rituals are unknown outside the group.

Among their Mystic Powers are the abilities of camouflage and impersonation.
* In game terms it means that they may start out as alleged Bystanders, or other NPCs, using non-Sisterhood models.

The Sisterhood League has the Weird Perk Ancient Sect, which allows them to select Cult Bonuses from Perilous Island.

Chao Sing Leader
Health d10 Brawl 2d10 Shoot 3d8 Dodge 3d10
Might 2d8 Finesse 3d10 Cunning 3d10

Cursed Presence, Short Blast, Inspiring

Meizhen Sidekick
Health d8 Brawl 2d6 Shoot 3d8 Dodge 2d8
Might 2d6 Finesse 3d8 Cunning 3d6

Shapeshifter, Deductive

Xingjuan: Meizhen’s Shapeshifted form
Health d8 Brawl 3d8 Shoot 3d8 Dodge 3d8
Might 2d6 Finesse 2d6 Cunning 2d6

Winged, Burst Fire

Daiyu Ally
Health d6 Brawl 1d6 Shoot 1d6 Dodge 1d6
Might 1d6 Finesse 2d6 Cunning 2d6


Jiao Ally
Health d6 Brawl 3d6 Shoot 1d6 Dodge 1d6
Might 2d6 Finesse 1d6 Cunning 1d6


Minghua Follower
Health d6* Brawl 1d6 Shoot 1d6 Dodge 1d6
Might 1d6 Finesse 1d6 Cunning 1d6



Each League will start the game with a Location, and a “Secret Base”. The Sisterhood controls a Flophouse in the Port City Zone and a Temple (Use rules for Casino) in the Yangzee River Delta.

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