OG Wargamers – Part One – Robert Louis Stevenson

OG Wargamers – Part One – Robert Louis Stevenson

stevenson at play wargame bookThis little book is a fantastic resource for putting together a plan for writing your own Imagi-Nation Campaign Diary. Written in the 1880s, and first published in Scriber’s Magazine in 1898, it is an excellent snapshot that matches almost exactly what we do today. Sadly, no rules from this system survive, but the description of how these little soldiers “require all the pocket-money from my publishing ventures” is little changed in today’s hobby!

The book describes several battles and intermediate actions, including some instances of what we might call “role play”, where the off-battlefield actions of individual characters are described. As Bath and Featherstone would later write, the leaders of the various armies and regiments had distinct personalities, and a few jokes are made at their expense by their fictional contemporaries.

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