Hellfire Campaigns – Making a Map

Hellfire Campaigns – Making a Map

An overview of the Hellfire Campaign rules by Jim Webster.
This campaign book allows you to create a setting for your sci-fi miniatures campaign, though it can easily be manipulated to work for Black Powder or Fantasy.

There are some very interesting mechanics here that I believe can be interwoven with Sylvester’s **Solo Wargaming Guide** and other resources to create a unique #Campaign experience.

I am especially excited to find the rules include economic and political factors, with random generation tools for factional conflicts. Rules for #Solo game play are clear and very creative.

Hat tip to @The Joy of Wargaming for giving me the heads up on this book, and special thanks to UK Roleplay Gamers ( https://twitter.com/UKRPGMerryband ) for pushing me to get this done!

This is the map I made in the video, you can download the Hellfire Campaign Map image here

map made with hellfire campaign rules
the Hellfire Campaigns card-generated map

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