Session Recap – World of Weirth – LFG Campaign Episode 52

Session Recap – World of Weirth – LFG Campaign Episode 52

Skull Pile illustration by Alex Damaceno @gnarledmonster "The World of Weirth is a setting much like a Hyborian Age, with danger at every turn, Swords & Sorcery magic, demons and mad prophets.
Tribes Of Mipokop And Nomads roam the savanna, while peasants and hedge wizards hide behind the walls of even the meanest thorp. A powerful Ley Line crosses the land, creating transient Gateways to the Faerie Realm.

Meanwhile the influence of Demons And the Belowdark waxes, threatening to cover the world in darkness, a suffocating nightmare that wells up from horror-filled dungeons underground.

Check the World of Weirth (TM) tab above for more info, including a draft of the Player’s Guide.

19-21 October Team A – Escape from the mines of Iron & Flame – 15-19 Arkelos

Team A-1
Lieres, Aeneas and Ganomal climb back up the garbage shaft to the Toad-head Chieftain’s lair. There are parrot-heads moving about.
One of them finds the secret door and they are herded along down by the Jackal-heads.

Once the Jackal-heads have herded all the parrot-heads down the stairs, Aeneas, Lieres and Ganomal climb out and begin making their way out of the tunnels.

They create a distraction for the two Jackal-headed guards outside the main entrance and make for the pool, in order to cross the stream.

Shakorimar is there, waiting for anyone to emerge!

The four make their way back to the camp in the dark, only to find it has been ransacked by the parrot-heads. Luckily, they left the horses alone, and the drovers had been able to escape.

The survivors move the camp to another dell nearby, in order to re-light the magic-fire and re-establish a power source for the magic users.

Team A-2

Meanwhile, the rest of the party and the horde of children are running for their lives through the mines. They go further down, only to discover that they may be at the bottom of the human-controlled portion, and just above the underground city of the Toad-heads.
(Via a captured parrot-head)

They go back up a bit, and follow the parrot-head to a human “sleep room”, where they nap and eat and rest for an hour. As they are trying to get through a locked door on the far side of the room, they can hear parrot-heads trying to break down the door leading back to the mines. Kalder performs his Spell of Theanos’ Unbarring as a ritual from his spellbook, opening the door just in time. They move through, re-lock the door and barricade it. The parrot-head leads them through the caves to a split, one of which he says leads to the lair of an “antelope-eagle”.
At this point the Magic Users discover that their sympathy stones are warming up again, indicating the fire has been rekindled and they have access to spellcraft once more!

The group decides to risk it, climbing the nearly vertical shaft and emerging in a large, low cave with an enormous nest on the side. It smells of rotten meat!
The party carefully creeps past the nest and into the hillside, only to encounter a mountain lion!
Katokas is able to cast Sleep upon it, they drag the unconscious creature back into the cave, and then make tracks to the pass where they find shelter.

During the midnight watch Aziagos sees a procession of torches up near the flat-topped-peak above them, with flashing blue lightning.


Team A for treasure, combat and rescues in the Mines of Iron and Fire

Monsters 5,110 XP
Treasure/Loot 6,447 XP
(160 SP + 255 CP in liquid treasure – coins)
Other 8,000 XP

Pieces of Loot:
5 Rose Quartz axe heads
20 Rose Quartz “points”
60 pounds of raw gems ~ 300 SP
40 pounds of raw Moonstone ~ 5,000 SP
an 18″ tall calcified fish skull, inlaid with gold and bronze
Leather harness with fish scales, gold studs, teeth
Weird-looking idol
(XP was determined by market value, if you wish to sell these items, or trade for level training, let me know and I will get you the liquid value – no, it won’t change the XP value, as you’ll win some and you’ll lose some)

Total 19,557 XP (divide into 17 half-shares)
Full shares to Lieres, Aeneas, Aziagos, Kossas, Kalder, Katokas, Shavanoxil = 2,300 XP each
Half-Shares to Senekas & Oustanos (Hench to Kalder), Shakorimar (hench to Valazir) = 1,150 XP each
Deceased – Valazir, Guardsman #2, Guardsman #4

Shakorimar may transition to PC for Abraham, #EliteLevel play ratings: A for all
Any level training will take 7 days per level (ex. 2nd to 3rd will take 14 days) and cost 1,500 SP per level per week (ex. 2nd to 3rd will cost 3,000 SP)

LFG Playtest Campaign 1 - The Shadow of Evil Chaos is an experiment with a new (to me) game system, Low Fantasy Gaming, and a new magic hack designed to bring the atmosphere of danger from the pulp novels of Swords & Sorcery. We are playing fully online over a Discord Voice server, using some home-brew maps, art and characters designed on the HeroForge 3D printing site.
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Skullpile Illustration by Alex Damaceno @gnarledmonster

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