Timekeeping in D&D

Timekeeping in D&D

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Forbidden Tower of the Swamp Mother
A fallen tower of gray stone lies half-submerged in the stagnant waters of the Forbidden Swamp. Smoke rises from the rubble-strewn base, the smell of sulfur hangs in the air. A snow-white Heron lands upon the tower, glances in your direction, then flies off again, to the south.

Timekeeping in the D&D-style RPG Campaign is of vital importance to the success of a living world. In the past few months the idea of 1:1 Timekeeping has come back to the surface of the more innovative gaming tables.

Let’s take a look at what implementing 1:1 Timekeeping will actually mean for your campaign. I wrote about introducing this method of timekeeping into my own LFG campaign back in June (Downtime Session Report). The change was met with a pretty good response from the players.

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