Solo Wargaming Campaign – Strategic Map

Solo Wargaming Campaign – Strategic Map

Putting this Solo Campaign together is a lot of fun. I have been watching some videos, learning from some of the folks who have gone before. One thing they all mention is the critical need for a detailed and accurate journal or record of the campaign.

I got a little RPG campaign journal that has four kinds of paper in it (lined, dot-grid, quad-ruled and hexagon) and started taking notes and making the Campaign map.


Once the map was complete enough, I started transferring it to a large (19″ x 25″) sheet of hex paper, with 1/2 inch hexes.

Transferring the strategic map - solo wargaming

There is a feeling of Zen when you are working on a project like this, just one piece at a time. the (almost) completed map looks pretty good, if I say so myself.


I’ll be making a video or two about the map and the counters I’ll be using to move the army units around.
Stay tuned!

EDIT: the video is here Solo Campaign map and Token Unboxing

For more content like this, with even more detail and “behind the scenes” info, check out the Substack:

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