Miniature Monday: Lady Pirates & the Fellowship of the Ring

Miniature Monday: Lady Pirates & the Fellowship of the Ring

Starting a new blarg category is always exciting. Today we have the first Miniature Monday, a weekly post designed to force me to work on some doggone minis over the course of a week.

The best part is that most of my hobby room is packed in boxes, as we are in the process of moving! For the time being I’ll be using a side table in the bedroom at my mother-in-law’s house for a painting bench. With any luck we’ll find an apartment or house to rent by the end of the month…

temp painting table
You do the best you can with what you have

I did think ahead, knowing that it may take a while, and I wanted to be able to continue my hobby work. I primed some minis before we left, and packed them in the same box.

traveling painting kit

I have a couple of notebooks that I like to keep track of what I’m working on, as well as recipes for blends and color combinations.

hobby notebooks

One thing I forgot to pack, though, was some parchment paper for my DIY wet palette. If you haven’t tried it, I sincerely recommend that you do, it has transformed my painting. The paint retains its consistency far longer, and makes batch-painting a bunch of minis a snap.

DIY Wet Palette

Here is a shot of the full set-up, along with a close-up of the Fellowship of the Ring minis that have been languishing in a box for TWENTY YEARS!!!

Temp painting setup
I forgot to set aside my magnifying lamp…


Fellowhip of the Ring minis 25mm GW 2000
20 years in the box. Man, I need to paint faster!


After a few hours of careful, relaxing work (made much more pleasurable by my new prescription close-up glasses!), we have some minis that are starting to look like something.

Black Scorpion Pirates WIP
Black Scorpion Pirates WIP


GW LotR and Warmahordes minis
GW LotR and Warmahordes minis


Stay tuned for more brush-work!



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