KotB Research

KotB Research

Whew. I have been dong tons of research for the Keep on the Borderlands Project, and really wanted to share something pretty cool. There is a series of videos from Professor Dungeonmaster (Dungeoncraft Channel on Youtube) that are simply amazing.




And a miniatures collection that is to die for.

I will probably bust out a post later about what I learned from this (and what I stole LOL), but for now here is a picture of the notes I took:

campaign notebook process
First, ideas on post-its. 2nd, organize into notebook

I also found some cool pics, one of a map/drawing of the Keep and other goodies at dandd doodles

dungeon map

Keep on the Borderlands drawing

I’ll share more of my process and how I’m using these images later. For now, have a great day!

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