d30 Thursday: NPC Factions

Who are these people? What did he mean with his dying words, “I will be avenged”? Who is in charge of this town? Why are horses so expensive here?


I guess the answer depends on who you ask, because it’s always about “who you know”, right?


Roll a d30!


  1. The Order of the Red Gauntlet – an organization of bonded professional caravan guards
  2. The (Province name) Drover’s Guild – the people in charge of driving carts and wagons full of trade goods from one place to another
  3. The Altar of (god of healing) – a coalition of traveling healers
  4. The Shield of (god of war, defensive avatar) – network of men-at-arms that set up unofficial “Town Guards” for neighborhoods or business districts
  5. The Pillar of Truth – secretive band of clerics/priests, fighters and assassins who act as vigilantes in areas where justice enforcement of the Law is lax
  6. Knights of the Bronze Sigil – band of cavalry-based fighters promoting the cause of cheesemakers
  7. Spice-roasters guild – just what it sounds like
  8. Brotherhood of Cabinetmakers
  9. Stonemason’s Lodge – school and guild for art of architecture and masonry
  10. The Way of the Forge – keepers of the secrets of Blacksmithing
  11. College of Medicae – non-magic-wielding herbalists and surgeons
  12. The Iron Band – a mercenary company from the north, known for siege tactics
  13. Tigers of the East – a mercenary company from the southern jungles, known for speed and guerilla warfare
  14. The Sapphire Banner – a mercenary company from the east, famous for cavalry exploits and an astonishing loyalty
  15. The Ebon Mask – a mercenary company from the west, known for savagery and led by a merciless (magic-user)
  16. Mask of the Dawn – a mercenary company from the east, known for unbreakable phalanx formations
  17. The Echo of Salvation – a penitent group of monks, known for healing psychological wounds and the insane
  18. Rav Onor – a secretive group of Rangers that patrol the ____ region, protecting the villages from _____
  19. Screaming Serpents – makers of traps and poisons for protecting property (both cargo and real estate)
  20. Harvesters of Sorrow – group of undertakers that collect plague- and disease-victims’ bodies for burial
  21. The Chalice of Fire  – group of magic-users specializing in fire-based spells and magicks
  22. The Windseekers of (island archipelago) – a group of magic-users specializing in magicks of weather and elemental air
  23. The Hammer of (sun-god) – group of clerics/priests/paladins/fighters dedicated to hunting and destroying demons
  24. Hearth-keeper’s Guild – in larger cities, a group of professional cooks specializing in preparing food for large groups on a regular basis
  25. Daughters of Xinari – a network of female were-fox spies in the western cities
  26. The Indigo Mist – a loose network of assassins from the eastern provinces
  27. The Scroll of Shadows – a religious brotherhood of evil warriors and clerics seeking to build influence in the cities of the north
  28. The Anvil of (god of death/the underworld) – enbalmers and entombers of evil or cursed beings
  29. Song of the Spring – a group of Druids in the south, protectors of the (forest) and its creatures
  30. Cry of the Raven – wandering clerics of (god of harvest) who organize and lead Harvest Festivals

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