d30 Thursday – Set Dressing – The Noble’s Library

Books! Scrolls! Maps! Your PCs always want to know what’s in them, what are they about…

What treasure will this map take us to??

Roll a d30!

  1. d30-table-noble-library-DnD-books-mapsBook of Receipts and Disbursements – a detailed ledger of the Housekeeper’s accounts. Food, drink, and other supplies.
  2. Aeroica’s Codex – “Poems and Fancies” – a collection of vapid, florid love poems written in an archaic and formal style.
  3. Flur Yannseen’s “Tales of Angels and Demons” – a bestiary of the assorted spirits that attend to the Great God of the Mountains.
  4. Rubehr’s Codex – written on the highest quality vellum, this book describes games of chance using dice, knucklebones and runestones.
  5. The Third Scroll of Sabershagg – a continuation of the meticulous genealogy of the Sabershagg family in the demesne of Shagg Barony
  6. The Arbitory Tablet – a clay tablet “moondial” with the houses of the zodiac and a “lunar” gnomon. This item radiates magic if Detect Magic is used. When exposed to the light of a full moon, whichever symbol the gnomon points to, depending on the season, otherwise invisible runes will appear on the tablet. (What the runes say or mean is up to you!)
  7. “The Joker” by Nachio Vellio – an exhaustive treatise on telling jokes at court without upsetting the ladies
  8. “Tales of my Grandfather” by Nachio Vellio – a hagiography of the First Councilor of the fourth Baron Shagg. There is a lewd drawing of the Baron sketched in charcoal inside the back cover of the codex.
  9. Map of Harborside District, Shaggport – a scroll depicting the streets and alleys of this infamous district. Areas controlled by various criminal elements have been highlighted in colored inks. There is a note on the edge about a particular service offered at Silblay’s House of Thirteen Silks.
  10. Map of the Temple District of Shaggport. On the back is a complicated diagram (like a flowchart) attempting to depict the political alliances of the various factions.
  11. Registry of Foreign Peoples, (July) CY 563 – three scrolls, tied with string, with a list of names of any non-residents of Shaggport that entered the city, including their business and sponsor (if any) in the month of (July) ten years ago. All of the names “sponsored” by Nachio Vellio are circled in blue-green ink. One name, “Antonia Arpellia, musician, poetess”, shows up three times in three obviously different hands. A margin note (in the same color ink) reads “Find Arpllia soonest!” [sic]
  12. A particularly long scroll, mounted on a pair of ivory-handled reading rods, “On the Cultivation of Mandrake and Darkfruit”, author unknown, but the penmanship is excellent and the drawings are exceptional.
  13. “A Method for Weighing Gold Jewels and Crowns”, a scroll written by Arkimallius.
  14.  “A Method for Gaining Political Influence”, a slim codex, written in a very formal style, by Nachio Vellio.
  15. “The Scroll of Trade and Economics”, four short scrolls in Bindhalese describing grain harvesting and trading.
  16. “Her Reputation”, by Jenay Ayerie, a cheaply constructed codex filled with the shocking descriptions of the activities of a widowed gentle-lady.
  17. Bindhalese/Common dictionary and phrasebook
  18. Bindhalese/Elven dictionary and phrasebook
  19. “Courtly Ettiquette in Bindhala”, author unknown. Rules for dress and speech in the Royal Court of Bindhala, in Common and Bindhalese.
  20. A Contract for the transfer of a shipment of grain, including baskets, barrels, wagons and horses, between the current Baron of Shagg and the Ambassador to Bindhala. The payment is an exorbitant sum!
  21. A thick codex, bound in mahogany-dyed pigskin, magically locked. (A Knock spell will open it.) The book contains all of the research and notes for creating a Limited Polymorph spell. There are several anatomical drawings of a pig.
  22. A bundle of a dozen papyrus scrolls, with the holy scriptures of (the God of Safe Travels). The text includes three prayers, with accompanying diagrams of hand-gestures (the first-level spells Bless, Protection from Evil, Remove Fear).
  23. The tanned skin of a lion, carefully wrapped around a short spear with an elaborate point. Written on the skin is the formula for a Potion of Heroism.
  24. A triptych. Three wooden panels, hinged with leather strips, painted with ochre paints. They depict three scenes from the Life of Rapkar, first Baron of Shagg and Patron Saint of Oyster Fishermen. “Learning to Swim” (a baby splashing in water), “Diving for Pearls” (a youth in a blue clout swimming underwater), “The Blue Pearl” (a youth, standing triumphantly on a beach, holding aloft an enormous blue pearl, surrounded by kneeling fishermen).
  25. A codex covered in oilskin, with seasonal tide charts, wind charts and other nautical information.
  26. “Faerie Stories of Granny Swann”, a collection of short morality tales, accompanied by crude woodcut illustrations.
  27. “Songs of the Sea”, a collection of folk songs about sailing and fishing.
  28. A scroll of tightly woven razor-grass, 3 feet by 4 feet, with a detailed map of the shoreline of the Barony of Shagg and the neighboring Barony of Kelline.
  29. A small, pocket sized codex, that appears to be a log or journal of sorts, it has a list of dates, followed by descriptions of a shoreline and the quality of fishing at the spot. Only 18 of 48 pages are filled with a crabbed, angular handwriting.
  30. A bundle of scrolls showing sketches and drawings of a fishing boat, with measurements and calculations.

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