Works In Progress

For now I am going to have this page be the place for updates on which projects I am working on right now.

Jan 2018 update

Since we recently moved to Charleston SC, our household is still in storage, until we find a place to stay “permanently”. We took a short-term lease on an apartment north of Charleston, but the location is not ideal. Now that I have found a job we’ll start looking for someplace closer to both of our places of work.

As for painting projects, I picked up a box of Death Guard Chaos Space Marines to work on while we wait.
I’ve also started working on a memoir about my time in the hospitality biz. This will see monthly updates on the blog, in draft form.

June 2015 Update

Working on minis for the Yangzee City solo campaign. Writing background info and adapting the setting from Pulp Alley: Vice Alley. Click on Yangzee City Campaign for the latest.


Old News

Back in 2012 it was the Imperial Guard Special Teams for my Tallarn Army and some Angels of Purgatory Space Marines:

Work on these was supposed to be done by the end of August…because I wanted to work on that crowd of brown IG dudes off on the left there. Two full squads of Krieg Death Guard, 60+ figs. And that Mech…


One thought on “Works In Progress

  1. Perhpas if you find time to get back to painting, it will help you get out of your novel’s “writing corner.” Focusing on something entirely different can be a way to unclog the brain.

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