Campaign Carnival – Scenario Three

Campaign Carnival – Scenario Three

Scenario 3.2 – Outflanked

The Campaign Carnival moves into an important new phase! Welcome to the third scenario in the series. You will need the Campaign Carnival Rules zine to play this scenario. You can download a free PDF via itchio:

A color-printed physical copy of the Campaign Zine will be available after the carnival is complete.

Campaign Carnival 2022 rules and zine download

Scenario Description

This confrontation occurs five days after the mad scramble of Scenario 2, shortly after mid-day..

Baron A______’s divided forces have been able to get past the Blockade set up by their pursuers, and return to their homeland. The Barony of B_____ is fully roused at the incursion, however, and has gathered their own forces to drive into A_____ and make them pay for the unprovoked attack!

The forces of Baron B_____ have re-supplied and mounted a column-march from the forested hills of B_____ into the Barony of A_____. Their Scouts had a brief skirmish with A_____’s, but most of the Scouts were able to return to the General and report on the lay of the land ahead.

The Scouts of Army A_____ were actually able to capture an enemy rider! The senior officer was able to persuade the captured Scout to reveal B_____’s plans, and A_____ has set a trap.

As the full contingent of Army B_____ marches down from the hills into the plains of A_____, they are caught in a Flank Attack, between the anvil of A_____’s foot troops and the hammer of their Cavalry!

Campaign Carnival scenario 3 setup map
Scenario 3 Setup Map

Join in the fun! Follow the #CampaignCarnival hashtag on twitter, and download your own copies of the campaign rules and scenario. It is not too late to take part, just play the game and share your results!

Any genre!

Any rules!

Any scale!

If you are interested in playing your own Scouting/Recon mission, there is a set of playtest rules here.

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You can see my own video demo of Scenario 1:

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