Who Wants to Talk About Chainmail?

Who Wants to Talk About Chainmail?

Chainmail Battles ep 3 Table SetupI have been doing a lot of research on the Chainmail game and the use of mass combat in FRP games.

A few months ago I had planned on doing some text or video interviews with other gamers, to learn more about how the gaming community plays and uses the game. But, the more I dug into the history, the more I realized that I wasn’t ready yet, in terms of my own knowledge.

Lately I’ve teamed up with the RPG Sage to investigate other, older FRP Mass Combat systems, and we are doing a series of Mass Combat Rule System overview videos on the Wargame Culture video channel. (Please do take a look & subscribe!)

I think that we are at the point now where I’d like to get some input from other gamers about what Chainmail means to them, how they use it, and so on.

To that end I have created a short list of questions.

The questions are listed below, and in this chainmail interview questions.txt document that you can download and fill in your answers, should you wish to participate.

Chainmail Gaming Interview Questions

1. How did you discover/find out about Chainmail?

2. What made you want to learn how to play?

3. Do you play solo, or with others?

4. What scale minis do you use to play?

5. Do you incorporate Chainmail mass battles into your FRP Campaign?

6. What do you like best about the Chainmail system?

7. How would you compare Chainmail with other tabletop miniatures gaming rules?

8. Does it inspire you to create your own “hack” or miniatures rule system?

Mastering Mass Combat for your FRP RPGIf you would like to participate in the text response, go ahead and send your responses to wargame dot culture at gmail dot com. Also, let me know if you would be interested in participating in a voice interview to be published as a “podcast video” on the Wargame Culture yootoob channel.

Selected responses will be posted here on the blog, and/or featured in short segments on the video channel – Gamer Interviews: Chainmail playlist.

The Introduction to the Chainmail Project video:


As always, I appreciate any comments, questions or suggestions. There is a spot below for your input!
Thank you so much, I really look forward to your participation!

All such responses will be published via Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons License
Chainmail Battles Interviews by http://journal.stephenpsmith.com/blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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