Wargame Study: A Project in Game Design

Wargame Study: A Project in Game Design

Over the next few months I will be playing a variety of board, hex & chit, and miniatures battles games. While I’m certain it will be entertaining, I have a larger purpose in mind, to study how they work and to extract a set of best practices for creating a Mass Combat system for FRP games that is more generally useable than seems to be the case.

I have already done a set of videos on Chainmail Battles, which I am going to use as a benchmark. The videos are available on the Yootoob channel here: Purple Druid presents

I am really looking forward to this, both in terms of learning new games, but also sharing this with all of you. I am still trying to figure out the best way to share the notes and Design Journal here, most likely it will just get its own tag – FRP Mass Combat Design.

Some of the games will be from the pages of the Strategy & Tactics magazine special editions.

Strategy & Tactics Magazines

We will also take a look at Dawn of Battle by Mike Nagel

Dawn of Battle by Mike Nagel

Battles for Prydain by Eleazar Lawson

Battles for Prydain game

and the Kingmaker bookcase game from Avalon Hill

Kingmaker Bookcase game by Avalon Hill

Here is a short video explaining further. I look forward to your comments and suggestions!


For more content like this, with even more detail and “behind the scenes” info, check out the Substack:

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