Miniature Monday – Chainmail Battles in 6mm, Don’t Give Up the Ship & More

Miniature Monday – Chainmail Battles in 6mm, Don’t Give Up the Ship & More

I’ve been working on the new Chainmail Battles video, and frankly, it’s been a real pain. I wound up having to shoot it twice because I had some false starts and then went off on a whole tangent and was using incorrect terminology.




In any case, Episode 5 is underway (if not completed at the time of posting) and you can view Part One

I made some tokens/playing pieces to represent spell effects, as MAGIC features in this video segment.

This is the Fireball spell counter.

Chainmail Battles 6mm Fireball counter

Don’t Give Up the Ship

In 1975 TSR Rules published a set of rules for conducting Napoleonic era naval wargames. Called Don’t Give Up the Ship, this was a revised and expanded version of a game published in 1972 by Guidon Games. It was also one of the very first collaborations between Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax.

I picked up a copy of the rules, printed them into a booklet, and started painting some little plastic ships. The ships are fairly cheap-o and non-detailed, but good enough for video on the tabletop!

I’ll get these going, as well as a long hobby post on water board terrain, in March. (First I need to finish the last two Chainmail Battles videos in the training series.)

napoleonics ships wip

small model ships for wargames

stern view of models ships painting process

side view WIP painting model ships

I picked up some materials at the hobby store for creating Islands, Shoals, etc for the ship battle games:

Felt pieces for seascape terrain crafting

seascape terrain for naval battles

The blarg tag for Don’t Give Up the Ship posts.

ACW Epic Battles

The Painting project was on hold last week, while I worked on the little ships. I needed to rest my eyes after staring at the tiny troopers!
The first three sprues of Union troops are almost ready. I know one regiment will be the 20th Maine, I haven’t decided on the other two yet.

Finally, this isn’t miniature related, but I did get the fish tank up and running! We have half a dozen goldfish (comets) in there, getting the biological filtration set up. Next month: Angelfish!

Fish tank


Until next week, keep your brushes sharp and your pencils sharper!

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