Jeffro Johnson on Geek Gab – The “Right Way” to Play D&D

Jeffro Johnson on Geek Gab – The “Right Way” to Play D&D

Ok, sorry about the title, but there is a specific, authentic way to play D&D that is very different from how the game is played today. Is this the only way? No, of course not.

But there is a way to play that leads to an amazing experience, of a specific kind. This experience may not be to everyone’s taste, but should not be dismissed out of hand.

I encourage you to take a listen here (and to the podcast videos that will follow over the coming days) and consider at least trying out these ideas. Some background on the ideas in this chat can be read here:

My Old School Philosophy.

I embed the video here, and skip ahead past the useless prattle these shows typically begin with.

I would also encourage you to leave a comment, and we can all have a discussion in the Comments.

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