Miniature Monday – Minis Gaming & Painting Channel?

Miniature Monday – Minis Gaming & Painting Channel?

I made a short video. Over the past few weeks we have been waiting to move into a new place, and so we’ve been camping out in my MiL’s guestroom…watch it on youtube.

Miniature painting setup

The new house will have a basement, a room where I can set up a painting table and a gaming table…pretty excited about that. I’ll even have room to set up for making some more videos about miniature wargaming and such. Check it out, subscribe if you want, and let me know what kind of videos you’d like to see. Click the pic to see the video and leave a comment.

I like what Joy of Wargaming and Hethwill are doing in the space, and hope to put something together in the same vein.

 To that end, I have picked up a copy of Dawn of Battle and will be sharing that soon. I have some work to do to learn how to use these tools and techniques. I will also be keeping a detailed log of how I set up the campaign and will share it here on the blarg.

Solo Wargaming Campaigns

I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

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