The Darkness of the Faerie Realm

After a 25-year absence from the RPG world, I am coming back to find it has changed sooooo much!

And not at all.

Some things have changed, Wizards of the Coast did something amazing. I thought they would ruin D&D when they bought TSR. (And I may have been right, depending on whom you talk to!) But they created the OGL and opened the Old School game for fans and hobbyists to take on and make their own visions. Some of these visions are out of this world. Amazing.

Creative. Ground-breaking. Yes, even after 30-some years, new things are being developed and explored.

So I am going to make a new Faerie Realm. For starters it’ll just be for my players in the Grimdark Greyhawk campaign. I’d love to make it into a Product, we shall see.

Research Materials

The original, classical versions of Fairy Tales, as complied by the Brothers Grimm, shall be a starting point for this Faerie Project.

Faeries should be Alien, Mysterious, Selfish to the point of Maliciousness. They drive hard bargains and they keep their word, no matter who gets hurt. Or dies.

They are just so Magical, so different. Encounters with them should be rare, on the Faeries’ terms, and not to be taken lightly.

A Brief History

There are no Elves. Not in Grimdark Greyhawk. They have all fled. Perhaps to Tolkien’s Grey Havens, perhaps to another dimension or Outer Plane of their liking. Soon after the Cataclysm, when the Great Winter fell upon Oerth, the Elves departed for greener pastures. Devastated and weakened by the effects of the Cataclysm, the Elves were unable to thwart or resist the power of the Ashen Worm. All of their treasures they took with them. The Art. The Music. Their Weapons and their Magick. Leaving behind only ruins.

The loss of magic was a great blow to those Left Behind, as so much of the pre-Cataclysm civilization depended on it. Anyone or anything with any magical power was captured and enslaved, to be exploited in the new wars for survival.

Thus were the Fae creatures driven off, forced to retreat to their sanctuaries and, eventually, to attempt to tear loose their magical realm from that of Men and the other mortals. The wars for survival and the migrations that followed pushed the mortal races to the brink of extinction. In fact, there were those that did not survive to see the new Springtime of the world. The Fae creatures that survived became monstrous parodies of themselves. Some, like Dragons and Unicorns, were hunted to extinction for their magical powers and essences. The stories of the Fae became legendary, even Mythical, ghostly remnants of a soon-to-be forgotten age.

In the centuries that followed, the mortal races have clawed back from the brink. They have re-learned some of the ways of magic and re-discovered some of the secrets of the universe. But things will never be the same, new bonds must be forged, new alliances created and new pacts to be sworn.

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