OMG – it’s May?

How have I not posted in two months?
Good grief, I’ve been busy with work, I know, but I have been getting some painting done.

So, let’s go back and see what’s been accomplished: (sorry, you may need to be logged in to google to see the pics)

First, most recently, vacation to Jekyll Island with my Lovely

In April I’ve been working on the Arkham Investigators, which included this statue of Cthulhu

And these lovely ladies:

And this from Warlord

These Simians were a blast to paint, I can’t wait to write up their leagues

Also, I picked up these fun sea creatures for a pirate/whaling game concept we’re working on

I also received my battle mat for the Pirate game, and the Blood & Plunder kickstarter stuff. Here’s one of the ships

Finally, I received the Exotic Locations from Sally 4th, so I can add Rick’s Cafe Americain to the Yangzee City Campaign!

Obviously, I am going to be Hella busy with all of this, which is why I Have instituted a new rule, “Paint at least a few minutes every day”.

So far it’s going good, I am down to 22 models WIP on the workbench.

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