WIP Wednesday

Happy New Year! Yesterday is the first time that I was able to pick up a paint brush in 2016. I am working on some minis for a 70s-era, spy-themed Pulp Alley game I am going to run at Huzzah! and Carnage on the Mountain this year.

70s minis for Carnage Pulp Alley

I don’t have names or back-stories for them yet, that stuff comes to me as I paint.

And, yes, I will share the scenario notes when I have them put together…

It’s a bit vague right now, but I have a feeling these little fellows will be making an appearance:

Gray Aliens from Crossover Miniatures

Projects for 2016

I am working on the scenario for another Pulp Alley game, also for the Cons, based on the “Social Affair” scenario from Vice Alley. This is exciting because the models are all picked out, and already painted!
I just have to build the gameboard, which is the interior of a mansion.

I have a vision of cardboard walls that fold flat for travel and can be clipped together on-site for gaming. I’ll definitely share pics of that project!

If this PDF of a building interior from Sally 4th works, most of the project is done, I just have to cut and glue!

Maybe I can do something with vinyl floor tiles…

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