End of Day Notes

What value did I give away today?
Today was a good day. I got to connect with my contact at one of the NPO’s for teh NHTC project, to set up an appointment for next week. Also, Work.Smarter! Volume One is a freebie today, to support the release of Volume two.

Focus: Morning
This morning’s focus was on writing and content creation. Six blog posts for different channels were written! Plus a lot of Social Media to support the launch of WSV2.

In the afternoon I went to the Farmer’s Market to get some produce and do some networking, picked up two new leads for NHTC. Oustanding.

The evening was mostly focused on setting up some NHTC appointments and preparing for tomorrow’s follow-up and prospecting calls. After dinner I am going to work on some figure painting.

Warhammer 40k Space Marines and Imperial Guard
The figures in question

Effort: Today vs the past
Today’s level of effort was strong. I got a lot done, not everything on my list, but it was a pretty aggressive list. Everything that was due today got done today. Oh, except for the review of “The Unfinished Work…”, that will have to wait until tomorrow. Today was an order of magnitude better than last Thursday, and planning for Friday is going well. This exercise helps a lot!

What is left undone?
A book review (needs a big chunk of time), a blog post (needs a big chunk of time) and some premium content for next Tuesday (needs a topic and a big chunk of time). I should really have had only one of these on my list, since they are all 3-4 hour tasks – there was no way to get them done. So, I have re-allocated them to Friday and Saturday. Problem solved.

I just went back and added in the estimated amount of time for each of the 12 tasks on my list for today and it comes to 15:15. That’s nuts. No way was that all getting done. Tomorrow’s estimate clocks in at 8:00 hours even. I schedule my workday from 8am to 6pm, with an hour for lunch and about an hour for Social Media stuff. I am also noticing that I have not accounted for processing e-mail either…Obviously I need to do the timing estimates more diligently. There is a field for that on the Weekly Planner, but I didn’t use it this week (only 2nd week with the Freelancer Planner…).

Start less to finish more.

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