End of Day Notes

What value did I give away today?
Hoo boy. I wrote and wrote today, mostly on the B2B Insights project and shipped the Weekly Digest. The WD could have been better, next week’s will be.

Focus: Morning
Getting organized, my office was a mess and I had not really planned out my day.

I went down to the bookstore and ran into a friend so we sat and chatted for awhile. It is always so refreshing to catch up like that and explore some new ideas.

Finished up my organizing and planning for tomorrow, it is going to be a much better day.

Effort: Today vs the past
It felt like it was harder, but I got a break for socializing in the afternoon. I need to make some more time also for reading.

What is left undone?
NHTC sales calls and the review of “Unfinished”.
The good news is that Thursday’s activity log is all planned out. I need to be aware and make a better effort at organizing for next week.

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