October Workbench

I am a week late for my October post, but we moved! We are all in the new place and still unpacking.

I managed to pack up my workbench much more carefully than last time, so it’s now all unpacked, set up, and ready to rock!

The current project is the Orchestra from Eureka, which I want to complete in time for the Gen. Bartleby-Smythe game at Carnage on the Mountain next month.

Eureka miniatures Orchestra #WIP October workbench

painted 28mm orchestra

These figs have some good detail and I’d love to be able to bring out their best.

Orchestra #WIP details

We’ll see how much time I have. This week I lost my Tuesday to a meeting at work…

Orchestra #WIP October workbench

I am trying a new technique for the skin on this project. Starting with a base of the P3 Midlund Flesh, shading with Army Painter Soft Tone, THEN paint in the eyes and highlight around them. I usually do the faces and shading and everything first, which makes doing the eyes something of a struggle. If I can get that out of the way first, the rest may be easier.

Going to try something different with the faces in this group. Eyes first, then shade/highlight around them. Starting with a base of P3 Midlund Flesh.

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