The first playtest Campaign for preparing to introduce the World of Weirth low fantasy setting will be played with the Low Fantasy Gaming ruleset (free download at the link), by Stephen Grodzicki.

We will be using all of the BTB mechanics except for the following:

We will forego some of the campaign-setting-specific Character Creation steps, as we are looking test the core rules with the Swords & Sorcery magic system I’ve cobbled together. You may create your own, or use a Pre-Gen:

Pre-Gen Characters

(Any of these characters can be played as male or female.)

A Barbarian – Daughter or son of a chief of desert nomads. Good rider, knows desert terrain, very abrupt and matter-of-fact.

A Fighter – This PC joined the Duke’s army to travel like Uncle did, having grand adventures and collecting gold! Unfortunately they’ve been assigned to garrison duty in a backwater town. Making the best of a bad hand, they became a bit of a sneak and now sells Army food and equipment on the Black Market.

A Magic-User – A former Temple Guardian, well-versed in protective and offensive magicks. Recruited to protect the Temple from Chaos, they’ve been sent on a “secret mission” to find lost spells for the Cult.

A Rogue – Raised as part of a traveling entertainer troupe, their role is that of “magician” and Illusionist. Using alchemist’s tricks and sleight of hand has served them well, but they are tired of being a “starving artist”.

Party Bond

The party is traveling with a caravan, as “guards”, escorting a merchant and her wagon of goods to the Fall Festival.


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