Some figs I have finished for the Yangzee City Campaign

July workbench

Close-up of the Brotherhood of Anubis

July workbench

Betty Bixler and Jacquie Cutter

July workbench

The Karlovs are still WIP, and my “alternate” figs for Princess Koji and Sarah Stickney White have arrived

July workbench

The left-hand Koji is going to be an a pretty sheer dress, so I undercoataed where her skin will show through.

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Bavarian Artifact HuntersPulp Alley German Artifact Hunters


Reinhold Schmidt Leader
Ernst Abensberg Sidekick
Gerhard Freising Ally
Niklas Manshofer Ally
Oskar Mistelbach Ally
Ulrich Trauner Follower

The Woril Society is a shadowy group of occultists and artifact hunters founded in Bavaria in 1915. They send teams of highly trained and heavily armed soldiers out to the four corners of the globe to search out Mystic artifacts and alchemical knowledge.

Getting some more done on the Yangzee City peeps:

The Karlovs have fled the Revolution in their beloved Russia, fleeing all the way to Vladivostok before setting sail for Yangzee City. The Count and his daughter, Aleksa, have set up a Salle d’Armes where they hope to train the children of other European residents in Fencing and Riding.

June WIP

Jaquie Cutter’s Crew operates a cargo and passenger service between Yangzee and Bora Gora, among other islands in the nearby archipelago.

June WIP

Betty Bixler, DA Denton, Emily St Claire, Princess Koji

June WIP

The Brotherhood of Anubis has come to Yangzee to recover some ancient artifact, believed to have been taken from them by the Sisterhood of Kan-Yin

June WIP

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Some  minis I have been working on for the Yangzee City Campaign:

 Yangzee City Campaign Characters

The Brotherhood of Anubis

#WIP Brotherhood of Anubis

Princess Koji in her “Adventuring” garb

#WIP Princess Koji May 2016

Jaquie Cutter and crew

#WIP Jaquie Cutter May 2016

Betty Bixler, ace reporter for the Yangzee Chronicle

#WIP Betty Bixler May 2016

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I have been looking for an easy way to make some buildings for the Yangzee City Campaign, and my friends at the Pulp Alley Forum pointed me to the Paper Terrain Oriental Village Set.

Papercraft oriental hamlet

I will be ordering these soon, and will post a full review.


Building the interior of the manor house for the Pulp Alley scwnario, the Wake of General Bartelby-Smythe.

WIP Bartleby Manor


WIP foamcore book case shelf

WIP bookcases for Bartleby Manor

Blue Byron extols the virtues of the late General Bartleby-Smythe

WIP Blue Byron coffin Wake Bartleby Manor

I printed out some flooring designs, glued them down to foamcore. The pieces were 12″ x 18″, sized to fin in my Convention Box, that fits in my luggage. The walls and such were glued in place on site the night before the Con.

WIP Bartleby Manor

Wake of General Bartleby-Smythe Huzzah! 2016

Wake of General Bartleby-Smythe Huzzah! 2016

Wake of General Bartleby-Smythe Huzzah! 2016

A good time was had by all.

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Pulp Figures Cowled Female Cultists


Chao Sing (Morning Star) Leader
Daiyu (Black Jade) Ally
Jiao (Dainty) Ally
Meizhen (Beautiful Pearl) Sidekick
Minghua (Tomorrow’s Flower) Follower
Xingjuan (Arising Grace) Meizhen’s Shapeshifted form

The Sisterhood of Kin-Yan is a mystical cult that flourishes in the Yangzee River Delta and Islands of the East China Sea. Extremely secretive, membership is by invitation only and the rites and rituals are unknown outside the group.

Among their Mystic Powers are the abilities of camouflage and impersonation.
* In game terms it means that they may start out as alleged Bystanders, or other NPCs, using non-Sisterhood models.

The Sisterhood League has the Weird Perk Ancient Sect, which allows them to select Cult Bonuses from Perilous Island.

Chao Sing Leader
Health d10 Brawl 2d10 Shoot 3d8 Dodge 3d10
Might 2d8 Finesse 3d10 Cunning 3d10

Cursed Presence, Short Blast, Inspiring

Meizhen Sidekick
Health d8 Brawl 2d6 Shoot 3d8 Dodge 2d8
Might 2d6 Finesse 3d8 Cunning 3d6

Shapeshifter, Deductive

Xingjuan: Meizhen’s Shapeshifted form
Health d8 Brawl 3d8 Shoot 3d8 Dodge 3d8
Might 2d6 Finesse 2d6 Cunning 2d6

Winged, Burst Fire

Daiyu Ally
Health d6 Brawl 1d6 Shoot 1d6 Dodge 1d6
Might 1d6 Finesse 2d6 Cunning 2d6


Jiao Ally
Health d6 Brawl 3d6 Shoot 1d6 Dodge 1d6
Might 2d6 Finesse 1d6 Cunning 1d6


Minghua Follower
Health d6* Brawl 1d6 Shoot 1d6 Dodge 1d6
Might 1d6 Finesse 1d6 Cunning 1d6



Each League will start the game with a Location, and a “Secret Base”. The Sisterhood controls a Flophouse in the Port City Zone and a Temple (Use rules for Casino) in the Yangzee River Delta.

Here are some of the Leagues and NPCs I’ll be using for the Yangzee City Solo Campaign this year.
Due to my schedule and other considerations, I’ll be playing out a narrative campaign, with the goal of creating fun AARs for this blog.

The Red Dragon Tong

A League of criminals led by the nefarious Dr. Koo, who run lots of Organized Crime activities in the Port City Zone.

Yangzee City Campaign Leagues and Characters

The Sisterhood of Kin-Yan

A mysterious League of women with mystical powers, this group’s goals are unknown, but they are active in Port City and the Islands. I plan to use the Sisterhood to introduce some exciting Horror/Cthulhu stuff into the game… I have more background info percolating and will be posting soon, along with the League Roster.

Yangzee City Campaign Leagues and Characters

The Germans

This League is criss-crossing the Yanzee Delta, looking for artifacts and medicinal secrets to bring back to the Fatherland. I need to flesh out this part of the story more.

Yangzee City Campaign Leagues and Characters


These models will correspond to various personalities from Vice Alley.

Yangzee City Campaign Leagues and Characters

Yangzee City Campaign Leagues and Characters

I’ll be using the Vice Alley and Perilous Island supplements for the storyline, based on a fictional Shanghai of the 1920s, with some elements of Tales from the Gold Monkey thrown in. Jaqueline “Jake” Cutter’s crew and the Goose are on the workbench right now, along with Princess Koji and a League of her own.

Yes, this premise is fantastically anachronistic and historically inaccurate. So what, it will be FUN!

As with The Wake of General Bartleby-Smythe, I’ll be sharing Campaign info and materials here for you to “borrow” (or steal, fine with me).

Maps and a custom Locations List are in process, as well as the League Rosters and some other fun things.
Leave a Comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Furniture and interior accessories make your terrain and scenery look better, and can make gaming more fun. There are some cool papercraft items you can get online at places like RPGNow, but my fingers are too big for some of the smaller pieces.

Lucky for me, 4ground makes some laser cut kits from thin plywood that are just right. Well, some of the pieces are pretty small, but with a tweezers and the stiffness of the plywood it’s more forgiving…

@4ground furniture

This is an L-shaped counter piece I am working on, having completed some chairs, a grandfather clock and some little tables. As you can see the cuts are very precise.
You do need to brush off the wood before you start, there is a bit of scorching on the back sides of the pieces.

@4ground furniture

@4ground furniture

and book cases. I built these three pieces at the same time, so as I finished each step on the third one, the first one was dry enough to handle. Elapsed time: 25 minutes.

@4ground furniture

The grandfather clock was pretty fiddly, and I rushed it, so it’s a little crooked. But if you take your time and water down your PVA, use a small paint brush to apply it, you will do just fine. I’ll be ordering more of this stuff!

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I enjoyed this AAR, The Treasure of El Kabong, the scenery is really good.

I have, and still need to build, this wagon (from 4 Ground, I think)

And another one, Hunting the Treasure Hunters, with an awesome market setting:

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