Oh my goodness, it has been a while. 2018 was a pretty rugged year for me, in many ways, with a real impact on my hobby activities and blogging. 2019 is a new start.

I already have three minis finished this year:

Reaper Bones for Cthulhu in Casablanca

These are Reaper Bones minis. I like them, but I have a couple of issues: They are very tall, 32mm scale. Only the Pulp Era Professor (right) has the kind of crisp detail that make painting fun and, frankly, easier. The other two have very superficial details, the Frank Buck mini (center) doesn’t have any sculpted eyes. I spent an hour trying to paint them in and it just didn’t work…

Blood and Plunder

Most of my painting projects for the first part of 2019 will be creating a Dutch force for the Blood and Plunder game system. I participated in two Kickstarter programs and have a considerable collection of these minis. I have also made a (moderately binding) resolution to paint all the minis in my possession before I buy any new ones.

Blood & Plunder minis in storage

(Note: most of my hobby collection is still in storage, so there are currently less than 70 minis in the house)

The Blood and Plunder minis are cast in metal, with an average amount of flash and mold lines. For the most part, details are good, but none of the minis are sculpted with eyes. Just a sharply concave depression in the face. My Twitter peeps suggested stating with the eyes, painting them in first, then painting the flesh color around them. For my first attempt at this technique I think they came out pretty good.

I am starting with 15 minis, a Legendary Leader, Piet Heyn; 8 Soldaten, regular soldiers; 4 militie artillerie, cannon crew; and two pack mules (from WhizKids).

Works in progress.

Piet Heyn Blood and Plunder

Dutch Soldaten for Blood and Plunder
#WIP Blood and plunder Militie Artillerie
#WIP Blood and plunder pack mules from WhizKids

The Blood and Plunder minis are available from Firelock Games (who are also launching a new Age of Sail mini game). I have a couple of ships, and lots more figures to work on. Stay tuned.

As always, C&C welcome.

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Jordan Peterson is all over my Social Media lately. The first time I saw him, he was being interviewed by a very aggressive talking head that insisted on putting words in his mouth. He calmy and patiently refuted her again and again.

So I took a look at his YouTube channel, he has a ton of info there, and came across this gem.

You can’t change the whole world, but you can change yourself and make your world better.

It’s worth the five minutes.

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I’ve decided to create a new feature on this blog, especially for when I don’t have anything to say (LOL). Called Gaming Community, it will be sharing some content from other creators that you may find useful in your own gaming.

I love fluff.

Not the marshmallow kind, but the kind of story or narrative that drives a game, where the backstory of the scenario is more important (to me, and, ideally to my opponent) than “winning” the game.

I’d like to share a video with you, it’s not about miniatures, but it is about an interesting tool for making any kind of game more interesting – creating a mythology.

From Terminally Nerdy:

I’ve been doing some of this for the Yangzee City Campaign, and will definitely be doing more!

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Since I have decided to get serious about this blog again, I’ve updated the WIP page:

Since we recently moved to Charleston SC, our household is still in storage, until we find a place to stay “permanently”. We took a short-term lease on an apartment north of Charleston, but the location is not ideal. Now that I have found a job we’ll start looking for someplace closer to both of our places of work.

As for painting projects, I picked up a box of Death Guard Chaos Space Marines to work on while we wait.
I’ve also started working on a memoir about my time in the hospitality biz. This will see monthly updates on the blog, in draft form.

I have not accomplished very much in the way of the writing project, but I will share what I have done in February.

I’m also going to write some more background for the Yangzee City Campaign, and start some work on terrain and miniatures for the Lost World of Lemuria. With a little luck, and some hard work, I’ll have made some progress by June.

Stay tuned!


Let me start by saying you don’t have to buy these minis to play the Pulp Alley supplement, Lost World of Lemuria. After looking through the rulebook, and seeing the lovely Character Cards I decided to go ahead and get the same ones that Dave used to put the cards together.

The Forge of Ice figures are available via DM on the FoI Facebook page. The complete catalog is found on the Lead Adventure website.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any compensation for putting this together. (Possible NSFW notice, the priestesses and Lion Women are topless)

Forge of Ice Facebook

Forge of Ice Catalog

Order Guide

  • 2 x FOI 508 Saleesa Leader
  • 5 x FOI 509 Saleesa Warrior 1
  • 5 x FOI 510 Saleesa Warrior 2
  • FOI 601 Snake Priestess 1
  • FOI 602 Snake Priestess 2
  • 2 x Lion Women of Azor (2 pack)
  • Aleta Spearwoman with Pterosaur
  • 5 x FOI 804 Cyclops
  • 5 x FOI 512 Entelodont/Skull-Boar
  • 2 x FOI 513 Swamp Scorpion/Karsh Creeper
  • 2 x Alert Sentries (2 pack)

All of these minis are described in the previous three or four posts, check them out when you are ready to start working on your projects.

(And please feel free to share links to your projects in the Comments, I’ll post a link)

Thanks for reading along!

The next two scenarios in this campaign require a lot of scenery building!

Theoretically, Scenario 8 could benefit from a handful of Lemurian civilian villagers as well. While not mentioned in the scenario specifically, it seems odd that there would be no villagers to create a little more excitement.

After doing a bunch of searching, I found some models that might work for this set-dressing purpose.

From Irregular Miniatures

There are some Greek Civilians at Warlord Games that might work.

Gripping Beast Civilians might work, less “Roman”, though.

Civilians from Eureka.

Now, the scenarios:


Hill Raiders

As you pass through a small Lemurian village, it is attacked by savage highland raiders! Without your help, the villages supplies (and children) will be carried off!


Into Darkness

Zdenko Cerny and a handful of scientists have been working day and night to find a way to save Lemuria. Based on what they learned from ancient Lemurian tablets, a handful of repairs deep in the Underneath is the key to stopping the flooding.

This is one of the more terrain-intensive scenarios, requiring a great deal of construction of Necromunda-style terrain pieces.

(Pic from timd on Dakka Dakka)


  • 7 – 12 terrain pieces: Pipes, pumps, tanks, machines, sludge pits, catwalks
  • 5 x Plot Point markers:
    • MPP: Principle Controls
    • Auxiliary nozzle
    • Crystal inverter pressure valve
    • Control Coil
  • 2 x Jobot-56 (plus X more)

Prisoner of Zbata

In the shadow of Fortress Zbata, young Prince Rammanasudh is being secretly held prisoner by the Queen’s loyal soldiers. For years Shekhan has lied about the Prince’s disappearance…

This scenario features as its centerpiece a large villa in which the Prince is being held.

Villa Zbata

If you have the wonderful Rick’s Place from Sally 4th, you could use that as the basis of the villa and only have to build a few small pieces to make the interior rooms.

Rick's Place primed

Rick’s is only 16″ x 12″, so you’d also need to build two more exterior wall pieces.

  • The Plot Points:
    • Prince Rammanasudh
    • The Cook
    • The Thief
    • The Thief’s Wife
    • Lady Zbata
  • 5 x Sentries
  • X x Queen’s Guards

Tunnels of Doom

While searching for a missing child, the trail leads you to a remote abandoned mine. If the child still lives, you must race to find him before it is too late…

  • 7 – 12 terrain pieces: Mining equipment, spider webs, pits, rubble (a mining cart and tracks might be cool, too! Ainsty Castings has some)
  • “Voxel”, a lost child with a strange device (MPP)
  • 4 x hiding place markers
  • Karsh Creeper
  • Giant Spider x X
  • Jobot-56
  • 2 x two inch diameter pit markers


This completes the listing of what is needed for you to play each of these scenarios in the Lost World of Lemuria. Next up, I’ll be putting together an order guide for Forge of Ice and Antediluvian Miniatures.

I can’t wait to start on this project! Let’s get cracking!

This is the third post in a series where I catalog the terrain models and miniatures needed to play the scenarios for the Pulp Alley Lost World of Lemuria campaign.


Death Rides the Sky

Legends tell of an ancient Orb of great power that is hidden in a secret temple. If this relic can be found, it could be used to strengthen the barriers that protect Lemuria from flooding…

  • The central terrain piece is a 10″ x 10″, 6″ tall hill with a temple of some sort on top. It should be decorated with Pterosaur nests
  • 8 pieces of Ruined Temple scatter terrain
  • Crystal Orb plot point
  • 4 x Lost Treasure plot point markers (gold ring, crystal sword, tablet fragment, etc)
  • 8 x Pterosaur “Circling” markers
  • You may want to add some Perilous areas such as poisonous snakes, quicksand, etc


Festival of Masks

Costumed revelers fill the streets during the annual celebration. Amidst the wild dancing and raucous feasting, the nobles whisper and plot behind brightly colored disguises.

This is a Social Affair scenario, so there is no Brawling, Shooting, Running or Dodging, nor can any Bursts be placed on the table.

I have played a couple of Social Affair games at Cons and they are a lot of fun, as they require a different approach to winning. They also have the benefit of the Dirty Tricks rule, which is a hoot.

I haven’t figured out which models to get for some of the Plot Points and NPCs, but I do recommend the more the merrier!

  • 8 – 10 Village terrain pieces. DriveThruRPG has some papercraft Roman houses that might work well for this
  • The Plot Points: there are quite a few NPC minis needed for this scenario –
    • The Duchess (Forge of Ice Snake Priestess 1)
    • The Elder
    • The Courtier
    • The Priestess (Forge of Ice girl with Spear)
    • The General
    • 5 x Mpamono Monks (CP Miniatures has some good ones). Put them on 3″ diameter bases, as that is the range they are extremely perilous.
    • 2 x Bonfire
    • 3-5 x Drunk Nobles
    • 2-4 x Female Guards (Forge of Ice Lion Women of Azor)

The Forge of Ice catalog is here.


The Hand of Muk

Shekhan’s troopers are scouring Lemuria in an effort to capture Ikkiuk Umuk, the rumored leader of the Mukling Outcasts. If you can find him first, perhaps he may join your fight against the Queen…

  • 2 x fire pits
  • Crocodile pool
  • Major Plot Point: The Shaman (Saleesa Leader from Forge of Ice)
  • 4 x Outcasts (Saleesa Warriors)
  • 8-10 pieces of Ruined Temple scatter terrain
  • 4 x Queen’s Guard, plus X more as reinforcements (you may need as many as 12 – 15 for this campaign…I’m going to use these minis from Antediluvian Miniatures)
  • Captain of the Guard

There are four scenarios left to catalog, and three of them are going to involve some serious terrain-building.

Stay tuned, and as always, C&C welcome.

Welcome to the first four scenarios in the Lost World of Lemuria campaign. In this and following posts, there will be a list of specific Special minis and terrain pieces you will need to execute each scenario.

In addition to these special pieces, you will need some trees, foliage, or fish tank plants of some kind to use as Scatter on the board. Keep in mind that the game board size is based on a 3’x3′ space, so the recommended amount of terrain features is 6 to 8.

Arena of Terror

  • Brass Ring plot point marker
  • Deep pool of water, 12″ in diameter
  • Two large Arena Gates
  • Paper markers for:
    • Armored Crocodile
    • Zargon (see p 17)
    • 4 x Pterosaur
    • 4 x Giant Spider
    • 4 x Skull-Boar
    • 2 x Wild Cyclops
    • 2 x Terror Bird
    • 2 x Karsh Creeper

The character cards in the back of the campaign booklet have pictures of these creatures. I am going to be grabbing some “search engine” results and making paper cutouts to represent these monsters.

As soon as they are completed I will share the PDF here.

Beast Hunt

  • 4 x Lair entrances
  • Paper makers for:
    • 2 x Giant Crab
    • Lemurian Dragon
  • 4 x Skull plot point markers

Caravan Attack

  • Priestess (Iloracen?)
  • Bandit Leader and 7 x Bandits (Saleesa Warriors)
  • Paper markers for Refugee Caravan (4 x beasts of burden)
  • Chest

Dangerous Waters

  • 12 x Rooftop terrain pieces, about 8″ x 6″, not too steep
  • 5 x Plot point markers, “Lost Treasures”
  • Armored Crocodile
  • Giant Crab

I found some PDF cardstock buildings a ways back that may be useful for printing and using for this terrain:

from David Graffam, free paper craft hovel

I-d recommend re-sizing the roof piece, and using some cardstock to make the pitch less, so your models can stand on it.

More scenario material lists coming soon!


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Our first two months in Charleston have been pretty uneventful. By which I mean that I haven’t found a job yet. But I have been doing a lot of reading.

I’ve also started planning for a Lost World of Lemuria campaign for Pulp Alley.

Since all of my hobby stuff is in storage, and likely will be for a couple more months, I started making a list of the figures and terrain pieces I will need to run a Solo campaign this fall.

My plan is to purchase and build the models (Special Characters and NPCs) and terrain pieces for each of the scenarios, then use the models I already have painted (The Arkham Investigators and so on) for the Leagues.

Material List

At some point before I start the solo games I’ll need a board. A 4’x4′ piece of 3/8″ plywood should do. I’ll glue some 1″x2″ boards around the perimeter to keep it from warping.

According to the Introduction I will need a few Special Characters for use during various scenarios in the Campaign:

  • an Outcast gang of Saleesa Warriors from Forge of Ice
  • Queen Shekhan (haven’t found a mini for this one yet)
  • Prince Rammanasudh, from Antedeluvian miniatures
  • Priestess Iloracen (Caroline from Antediluvian)
  • Outcast Shaman Ikkiuk (another Saleesa)
  • Zdenko Cerny and his colleague Doug Osbourne (also from Antediluvian)
  • A “Lemurian Man Eater”, a giant carnivorous plant. This will be a scratch build, with pipe cleaners and plastic spoons to make a Venus Fly Trap-style monster.

In upcoming posts I will start listing the various pieces you’ll need for the individual scenarios, and the sourcing. At the end I’ll see if I can put together a list for each source, so you can easily place an order.

The WIP posts should be fun.

Leave a comment, as always C&C welcome.


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Three weeks ago my Lovely Bride got a new job, in Charleston, SC.
So last week we put our stuff in storage and moved to Charleston.
We’ve been thinking about this for a while now, we really love Charleston and have visited many times. We are looking forward to this new adventure.

We found an apartment near the hotel, waiting for the application process to work through.

There isn’t any hobby info for now, and probably not for a while as I look for a new job. With any luck I can find a restaurant that is as fun and rewarding as Jaleo.

Since I do have a bit of time on my hands now every day I will think about doing some more frequent blogging.

What should I write about? Any suggestions?

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