The Fellowship of the Thing and Braunstein

The Fellowship of the Thing and Braunstein

The Fellowship of the Thing has some pretty interesting news:

In the meantime,  if you know anyone who would want a copy of Tonisborg, please let them know they still have a chance to be part of it –  we are making those items available in the preorder store for only two weeks. After that, we will no longer sell the hardcover edition of Tonisborg – this will be the final printing,

So, on top of the amazing Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg, these guys have a number of other projects in the works:

Dave Arneson’s unpublished 1930s gangster RPG

John Snider’s Sci-Fi RPG, Star Master

The RPG War Game – a treatise on using RPG elements in miniatures war games w/ a complete war game system by Dave and Scott Belfry

David Megarry’s RPG version of The Dungeon of Pasha Cada

David Wesely’s, Braunstein

Griff’s world-setting book, The Essential Blackmoor

D.H. Boggs, The Dungeons of Blackmoor Castle

Oh, my goodness. David Wesely’s Braunstein.

I am on the edge of my seat for that one!

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