Carnage 2022 – Miniature Gaming in Vermont

Carnage 2022 – Miniature Gaming in Vermont

Carnage Gaming Convention 2022

YAY! I will finally be able to return to Carnage Con, after years of being too far away, or recovering from surgery, or what-have-you.

This year I’ll be running at least two games, Friday and Saturday, maybe one on Sunday…

The first game, Friday, will be Cowboys vs Aliens! An Old West themed battle between the Cowpokes, Banditos, and common clay of the Frontier against the slimy gray monstrosities from beyond the stars.

Aliens vs Cowboys miniatures battle 15mm

The Aliens are of course, bent on WORLD DOMINATION, or something like that.

15mm Gray Aliens

The humanoid freaks are joined by bio-mechanical killing machines!

15mm Old West Cowboy Bandit Miniatures

Cowboys, Lawmen & Banditos join forces to protect the booming “metropolis” of Rock Ridge.

Depending on which side wins Game One,  Saturday’s Game Two will feature similar forces in a very different setting!

Will the Frontiersmen be able to defeat the Alien scouting force and discover their fearsome lair? Or will the Aliens get the better of the Banditos and descend upon the sleepy little town of Rock Ridge?

Friday/Game One Updates

Watch for links to be added here, for more details on the Friday game.
Badge Sales for Carnage 25 are now OPEN! Game registration starts Monday, 12 Sept.

Saturday/Game Two Updates

Updates to the information on Saturday’s game.

Sunday – WIP Boardgame Playtest

If I am able to get the rules and pieces together into a more-or-less-playable form, I will have a couple of copies of Project Hextrail available for playtesting on Sunday morning. Project Hextrail is a boardgame and a wargame, at the same time…but in a different way than you might think.

If you are interested in joining the playtest, send an email to wargame dot culture at gmail dot com and follow Wargame Culture on twitter.

If it’s not ready, I may run the third, un-played Cowboys vs Aliens scenario in Open Gaming on Sunday morning.

FMWC Notebook wargames campaign

Part of the FMWC game design project, this game will be a kinda-sorta playtest for the forthcoming Project Hextrail Campaign boardgame and Wargame Culture Design Journal.


Substack Subscriber Benefits

Wargame Culture Substack logoSubscribers will be able to participate in playtests, live video demonstrations, podcasts and more.

Membership in the exclusive Game Design Discord

Free download of the Campaign Carnival 2022 Scenario Booklet

Access to Full-length Book Club Videos

Premium Versions of Mini-games and Game Accessory Downloads

Regularly scheduled posts will appear on Thursdays at the beginning and the middle of the month.

Fistful of Lead rules Bigger Battles

The Cowboys vs Aliens game will be run using the Fistful of Lead series of rules, with emphasis on tactics and teamwork. With any luck I’ll have some prizes and Wargame Culture swag!

I hope you will join in the fun, or at least stop by and say Hi.

Game Registration

Sign-up for the games starts on Monday, 12 Sept. I will edit this to add a link, and will be adding more content as the BIG DAY approaches. Be sure to follow @WargameCulture on twitter for updates and info.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all there!

Convention Info

Badge Sales for Carnage 25 are now OPEN! Pre-reg badge sales will close on October 21, 2022.

Reserve a room for Carnage 25 now. Information about lodging options and how to reserve a room can be found by clicking here.

Game sign-ups (game tickets) will begin September 12, 2022, at 7am and will close on October 21, 2022. You will need a badge to sign up to play games.


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