Launching the New Substack – Game Design Journal

Launching the New Substack – Game Design Journal

I would like to invite you to join the new Substack created especially for people interested in Game Design.

If that is your thing, I believe you will find interesting and useful information about the nitty-gritty aspects of Game Design presented here. There is a comments section on each post, I do look forward to hearing your feedback, ideas and suggestions about what we’re doing here on Substack.

The inaugural post is about designing a boardgame that can also be used to manage an RPG Campaign, or at least the basic framework of one. I am planning on four posts in the month of September, and will go to a twice-monthly posting schedule in October and beyond.

Future posts will cover Miniatures Gaming Campaigns, Mini-Game Design, Campaign Design, Board- and Wargame Design and interviews with other game designers to discuss various aspects of the hobby and the game design process.

Substack Subscriber Benefits

Subscribers will be able to participate in playtests, live video demonstrations, podcasts and more.

Membership in the exclusive Game Design Discord

Free download of the Campaign Carnival 2022 Scenario Booklet

Access to Full-length Book Club Videos

Premium Versions of Mini-games and Game Accessory Downloads

Regularly scheduled posts will appear on Thursdays at the beginning and the middle of the month.

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