Campaign Carnival – Scenario 4 – The Conclusion

Campaign Carnival – Scenario 4 – The Conclusion

Scenario 4.3 – Counterstrike!

The Campaign Carnival comes to its exciting conclusion! Welcome to the final scenario in this amazing series. You will need the Campaign Carnival Rules zine to play this scenario. You can download a free PDF via itchio:

A color-printed physical copy of the Deluxe Campaign Carnival Zine will be available (as well as a PDF) for purchase after the Carnival is complete. The Deluxe version will include all ten scenarios in the Campaign Tree, papercraft fold-ups of pack animals & camps for the wounded, design notes and more.

Scenario Description

This all-or-nothing battle takes place only two days after the crushing defeat of Baron B_____ in Scenario 3. The time is early afternoon.

Baron A______’s triumphant forces have been able to call forth two additional units of [men-at-arms] in order to harry and hound the invading army of Baron B_____ and protect their homeland.

The forces of Baron A_____ have sent out guides and messengers to villages on the Borderland, calling forth the banners of the local Lords. This hasty recruitment yields two additional units of basic warriors for the army.

The Scouts of Army A_____ were able to follow the trail of the fleeing forces of B_____, leading A_____’s forces to one last encounter with the foe.

As the contingent of Army B_____ marches into the Badlands to confront Army A_____ they discover that A_____ has been digging in, with makeshift defenses partially completed.

I would like to thank everyone who participated and everyone who took the time to download and read the Campaign Carnival zine.

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This is going to be a lot of fun!

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