Design Journal: Age of Penda and Chainmail

Design Journal: Age of Penda and Chainmail

Age of Penda rulebook
Age of Penda Rulebook

I’ve played a few games of Daniel Mersey’s Age of Penda now, and I am completely hooked. Intrigued. Fascinated!

(Here is one on the Wargame Culture yootoob channel – Age of Penda Campaign Carnival)

The game uses a grid for movement, offset squares, and each player gets to choose four Tactics from a chart of 12.

This Tactics chart adds a level of nuance and strategic thinking that I hadn’t expected. In addition, the game moves quickly. Very quickly. Five or six turns and it’s over. All of the solo games I’ve played have taken about a half hour to complete.

Age of Penda tactics board chart

For more content like this, with even more detail and “behind the scenes” info, check out the Substack:

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