Miniature Monday – ACW “Confederate Nobility” and Book Club Thoughts

Miniature Monday – ACW “Confederate Nobility” and Book Club Thoughts

The Imagi-nation campaign scheduled for this fall will consist of three factions, the Red, the Blue and the Grey. I’ll be using my 15mm Warlord Games Epic minis from the ACW and Waterloos sets, plus minis from Minifigs Napoleonics and Blue Moon Old West.
An eclectic mix, to be sure!

With these minis I should be able to use a Strategic map to track movements, and the tabletop tactical map to fight large battles and individual skirmishes. Perhaps even “adventures” in an RPG sense.

To this end we’ll be studying some books on gaming and campaigns, and making videos to discuss what we learn, much like the Mastering Mass Combat videos.

Finally, the Campaign Carnival has gone live, be sure to check it out!

Thanks for watching!

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