Miniature Monday – 2021 Review and 2022 Planning

Miniature Monday – 2021 Review and 2022 Planning

In an astonishing feat of patience and discipline I managed to complete 214 Miniatures and 20-some pieces of terrain/scenery for the tabletop this past year.

6mm Lizardmen and beastmen – Just a beginning of the armies being developed for Chainmail Battles.

Jan 3 2022 Miniature Monday  #paintslam2022

A whole selection of 28mm minis for various games from a large assortment of manufacturers:

Jan 3 2022 Miniature Monday  #paintslam2022

Close ups of some of my faves, including some that will be used in upcoming Black Ops skirmish videos:

The Commissar

Jan 3 2022 Miniature Monday  #paintslam2022

The Bounty Hunter

Jan 3 2022 Miniature Monday  #paintslam2022

Bridge Crew of the Starship Edgar Burroughs

Jan 3 2022 Miniature Monday  #paintslam2022

I have had a lot of fun painting this year, and none of it has seemed like a chore. Once we were fully moved in to the new place it got easier to accomplish some goals I’d set years ago (har). After my surgery it didn’t hurt to set in one place for hours on end, so I really cranked in Q4! “Participating” in the PaintSlam21 twitter carnival helped, too.

Plans for 2022

ACW Minis and Terrain

The new year starts off with a big project, the biggest I’ve ever taken on, in fact. While I use my existing minis for creating Chainmail Battles videos and figuring out the methods behind the old-school madness, I will be working on painting 2,448 American Civil War minis for Black Powder era gaming!

Jan 3 2022 Miniature Monday  #paintslam2022

I am really looking forward to this, and to developing some 15mm terrain to make some diorama-like table setups.
I will definitely be sharing the progress here and on the youtoob channel.

Chainmail Battles

Chainmail battlesThe video series will continue, with more detail on the pieces of the game and how they fit together. This week’s episodes will focus on using Heroes and Commanders. Next week we are going to jump into Fantasy units, and using Magic!

I am still working on a set of questions and setting up interviews with some other gamers who are familiar with Chainmail, or are interested in exploring its possibilities. These interviews will (hopefully) be created in podcast format, and they will likely be posted in the free Substack (check it out and subscribe!). I am really, really going to try hard to post to it twice a month.

The goal of the Chainmail Battles project is to re-discover or create, then modernize and enhance, the Old-School Domain Game. Mass battles and kingdom-vs-kingdom warfare was the precursor to OD&D, and I am excited about being part of bringing that style of play back into fashion.

If you are interested in Chainmail Battles, please leave a comment or question below. I am working on compiling a list of topics that need to be explored, and your help would be amazing.

Land of Terror

land of terror podcast on anchorWhile not miniature-related, I am working on a second campaign in the World of WeirthTM milieu, the Land of Terror. It is based upon the old X1 module Isle of Dread and will be a bare-bones, survival horror game on an island populated by dinosaurs and undead. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I have created a podcast channel for this game on Anchor, Land of Terror. I encourage you to check it out, this is where you can find the design journal and session report information.

If you are interested in playing, please send a note via Twitr @WorldofWeirth.

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