Session Recap – World of Weirth – LFG Campaign Episodes 49 & 50

Session Recap – World of Weirth – LFG Campaign Episodes 49 & 50

Skull Pile llustration by Alex Damaceno @gnarledmonster "The World of Weirth is a setting much like a Hyborian Age, with danger at every turn, Swords & Sorcery magic, demons and mad prophets.
Tribes Of Mipokop And Nomads roam the savanna, while peasants and hedge wizards hide behind the walls of even the meanest thorp. A powerful Ley Line crosses the land, creating transient Gateways to the Faerie Realm.

Meanwhile the influence of Demons And the Belowdark waxes, threatening to cover the world in darkness, a suffocating nightmare that wells up from horror-filled dungeons underground.

Check the World of Weirth (TM) tab above for more info, including a draft of the Player’s Guide.

Wow, 50 sessions!!

kids playing D&D in 1980
December, 1980. (Walter McCardell/Baltimore Sun)

30 September and 14 October Sessions 49 & 50, Team A, Zan’s Forge to Iron Mines

Team A 14 Arkelos – Prisoner Rescue Mission

The party packs a wagon and heads up the Iron Mine Road into the mountains to rescue the prisoners of the dragon. They are accompanied by four Guardians from the Observatory of Santixuk. They leave Jewel and Sanwyn in the care of the Nurdiyan, as this mission is going to be dangerous.

The weather is cool and partly cloudy, and the travel goes well. They spot some wild dogs and chase off a couple of mountain lions during the day. They push on toward dusk in order to reach the peak of the pass. At the top of the saddle-pass they find two stone travel shelters. Still mostly whole, they have nonetheless been stripped of all foodstuffs, firewood, etc.

They stable the horses outside and take shelter in one of the cabins. They do discover some writing on the wall, in Telantean, written with a burned stick:

“It talks in your head

nothing can stop it”


During the hours before bed Shavanoxil, Katokas and Kalder take a look at Xochi’s spell book…

Xochi’s Spell Book

Spells they are able to recognize (written in Lemurian):


    • Blessing of Bempusa (Purify Food & Drink)
    • Heart of the Lion (Remove Fear)
    • Aspect of Cliker (Cause Fear)
    • Thistledown (Feather Fall)
    • Oyler’s Pyromantic Spray (Burning Hands)


    • Augury
    • Chant
    • Detection of the Invisible
    • (Wood Shape)

Higher Levels: incantations for summoning demons (supernatural entities) that employ (these are written in Stygian)

    • Shakorimal’s Unraveling (Dispel Magic)
    • Speak with Returner
    • Anyuk’s Demand (Suggestion)

There are two very long scrolls with elaborate rituals, one has to do with performing a powerful incantation at a very specific time, for it to be most efficacious. The other is for binding a particular supernatural entity, of great power.

Recipes for potions (written in Lemurian):

    • Nectar of the Earth Mother (Cure Light Wounds)
    • Sleeping Draught
    • Nerve Tonic (Calm Person)
    • Anxar’s Dissipation (Forget)

You also have Xochi’s spell focus, a silver bowl inscribed with Stygian runes, wrapped in a leather cover and stuffed into the magic satchel with a small bag of spell components (enough to cast any of the above spells twice).


15 Arkelos

In the morning they interrupt a beakbear trying to attack the horses. Sadly, they are unable to control them all and Valasir’s horse runs off.

They fight the beakbear and are able to kill it, but its shrieks of pain and defiance are heard by a wyvern hunting above.  It drops down out of the mist and grabs the beakbear, carrying it off. Aziagos is able to put an arrow into it, before it disappears.

The PCs are looking up and see flashing blue lights high above, in the clouds, near the flat peak that was visible yesterday.

Lightning on Flat-Top Mountain
Who is up there with torches?

They followed the map, until they were within about ¼ mile of the mine complex.

They found a secluded dell and made camp. Went for a scout and captured one of the parrot-headed dog-men. Katokas discovered they speak Stygian, in a high-pitched, click-clacky way. A group of the parrot-heads went sniffing along Kossas’ trail, so he led them a merry chase (see below)

A dozen or so of the Toad-heads were alerted, they went to the other side of the valley and grabbed some women out of the prison caves there. The PCs go into the prisoner cave, fight some parrot-headed creatures and release the prisoners. The prisoners rush across the valley to the toad-head mine, screaming to rescue the children.  (Sadly the toad-heads are expecting an attack, lead the prisoners back into the mine, and kill most of them)

The party follows behind, after setting some fires in the mouths of the other mine openings and having a brief encounter with some Jackal-headed creatures (which they heard from the captured parrot-head was earlier seen arriving with a caged creature that appeared to be half antelope and half eagle)

The PCs light some fires, and Kalder casts Shadow of Keuthonymos upon one of the Jackal-heads, shrouding the whole group in darkness and making the fire a serious obstacle! The PCs follow the sounds of fighting and find a chamber full of dead humans, dead and dying toad-heads, and a dozen other toad-heads ready to fight! There is a brisk battle and the PCs prevail.

Again, they find a passage, an angled mine shaft, leading down further into the Weirth. They grab a wagon and turn it into a spell platform for Kalder and return to the corridors, only to run into a group of toad-heads. More Shadow of Keuthonymos and the toad-heads numerical advantage is reversed. The PCs are able to pick them off as they emerge from the darkness and then set a great batch on fire!

Parrot-headed cave creature
A parrot-head, designed by Brian Rideout

Lieres and Katokas scout back to the mine entrance and they find the jackal-headed humanoids are organizing a mob of parrot-heads to enter the mine and hunt the intruders.

The PCs build a barricade of dead toad-heads and then head deeper into the mine, counting on finding an alternate passage out.

The make way along a very long, slowly descending passage, encounter a few more toad-heads that they defeat or drive off. These toad-heads are able to release a noxious gas that some of the party members succumb to, as it drains their STR.. At the end of this passage is the chamber of the leader of the toad-heads, Hack-spit. It is barricaded shut. 

There is a great deal of bickering over how to handle this obstacle, finally they enter, rather abruptly, and a brief negotion with Hack-spit goes on. He quickly tires of the PC games and has a lackey toss a child into a nearby pit. He then dangles a red-haired girl-child over the pit and tells the PCs to leave. 

Kalder takes a deep breath and summons as much spellcraft from the fire as he can handle, passes his overcast roll, and blasts the bloated Hack-spit with a L9 Crystal Shards. Hack-spit is nearly killed, and staggers around the edge of the pit. Aziagos, Lieres and Aeneas all rush for the monster, to try to grab the girl!

There is a bit of a tangle on the edge of the pit, Hack-spit goes over the edge, but Aziagos is able to grab the child. Lieres and Aeneas crash into each other and fall into the pit as well, sliding down the angled shaft to land upon Hack-spit in a dark refuse heap.

There they discover the young boy tossed down the hole survived as well, but they are in a filthy, slimy garbage pit with a dead toad-head and gods-know-what-else, illuminated only by faintly glowing mold. ***

The PCs then force the surrender of the remaining toad-heads, Aziagos bullies them into accepting him as the new chief, and they get tied up.

Rescued, out of the frying pan and into the fire

There are 32 children that have been rescued. The red-haired girl, says her name is Agathe, is holding a large fish-skull, inlaid with gold and ivory. She says she has been dreaming of it for days, and when she found it on the altar over there she took it to keep it safe. Hack-spit let her keep it, because she told him a vision of his toad-spawn.

Senekas the guardian finds a secret door behind the altar with the ugly toad-god idol. Katokas tips the idol into a bag!

 They tie 4 ropes together, tie one end to the grate, and drop it down the pit, in case Lieres and Aeneas make it down safely.

The PCs find some boxes of coins and bags of rocks (uncut gemstones!) they write a message in Xythian in chalk on the bottom of the wooden grate, telling Lieres (if he is able to climb the rope) that they have gone down the hidden stairs behind the altar.

The PCs lead the children down the hidden stairs, way down. Waaay down. Hundreds of steps. At the bottom is a working mine shaft, with wagon ruts in the floor, and a salty breeze blowing from right to left. They go in the direction fo the source of the breeze.

At the end of the nearly perfectly straight mine tunnel is an angled tunnel. Fresh, salty air blows up from the lower part of the tunnel to the right. To the left the mineshaft extends upwards into darkness.


Kossas 15 Arkelos – The Chase

Dire Wolf of Weirth Kossas gets the attention of the parrot-headed dog-men, tossing the dead body of one of their kind deep into their midst! In his Dire Wolf form he is able to easily outrun these little devils, but he leads them on a merry chase at an easy pace.

 Kossas soon begins to worry a bit, as the clicking and clacking creatures dog his trail as efficiently as any bloodhound. They also seem indefatigable, running along on the uneven terrain as though born to it.

 Kossas-wolf circles around and up to a ledge, where he can view his backtrail. After a few moments, and a little closer than he expected, three of the pale-grey parrot-heads come into view, on of them sniffing along the ground. Kossas continues the backwards chase, but runs into a box canyon, has to double back. The sniffing creature is right on his tail and there is a bit of a frantic race before Kossas is able to lose them again.

 While he is running, Kossas thinks he can detect a familiar scent nearby. Not only is there a beakbear lair nearby, but it smells like his old friend Shadoravan may have passed by this way, as crazy as that seems!

As he continues to run, he gets a nagging feeling in his gut and a buzzing in his ear. If he concentrates he can see her face, her cloak of greenery billowing behind her, and then there is a blinding light, a pain in the back of his neck, and a ghostly skull-face wavering before him in the darkness.

Kossas shakes his head to clear his vision and trots right off the edge of a ravine, tumbling through underbrush and fallen leaves, to come to rest against a fallen log.

He can hear water running nearby, then all goes dark.

***Lieres and Aeneas 15 Arkelos – in the pit

 Lieres and Aeneas slide down the garbage chute some 200 feet. They need to make four saves vs Sudden Violence. Each failed save is 1d6 damage. At the bottom is the dead body of Hack-Spit and a massive pile of bones, cloth and refuse. It smells awful and is very slimy and gross. The mire is dimly lit by a purple mold growing on the walls and ceiling. There are phosphorescent mushrooms growing in the refuse, and something that looks like a glowing goat-pie against the far wall.

 Hack-spit is dead, his body broken in the fall. The young boy, however, is alive! He says his name is Ganomal and he is scared as can be. There are worms or slugs crawling on his arms and legs and he’s on the verge of losing it completely.

 Hack-spit wears a kind of harness, made of leather, festooned with golden decorations riveted on, some kind of translucent white fish scales, and large, square teeth dangling from rawhide strings.

 As you attempt to extricate yourself from the mire, you hear a whistling, sliding noise from above. With a “crack” the end of a rope drops into view, then snaps back up. It drops back down again, about 15 feet above your heads.

 Ganomal suddenly shrieks, crying out, “There is something moving in the slime!

LFG Playtest Campaign 1 - The Shadow of Evil Chaos is an experiment with a new (to me) game system, Low Fantasy Gaming, and a new magic hack designed to bring the atmosphere of danger from the pulp novels of Swords & Sorcery. We are playing fully online over a Discord Voice server, using some home-brew maps, art and characters designed on the HeroForge 3D printing site.
Follow all of the posts here: LFG Playtest Campaign 1.

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