Rick Stump on Semiogogue – A Meta Discussion of D&D

Rick Stump on Semiogogue – A Meta Discussion of D&D

Veteran Old-Schooler (not really, he hates being called that, cuz he’s never stopped playing 1e) Rick Stump joins the semiogogue podcast for a “meta” discussion of D&D – the rules, the game, and the community.

There are a couple of non-D&D folks on the show as well, who have great questions and interesting takes on the discussion.

My own biggest takeaway (besides the “24′ tall zombie with a basilisk strapped to its arm like a raygun“) was from one of the panelists who described his own game as being a railroad, and how devoid of creativity it was. He mentioned that he and his group got creative with the solution to a problem in the game, and “did something they weren’t supposed to do“.

I agree with Rick in his assessment that this kind of comment is horrifying. It takes the G out of RPG. If you can’t be allowed to come up with outrageous and creative solutions for problems, it ceases to really be a game at all.

Check it out, and leave a comment below!

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