Miniature Monday – 10 mm Miniatures

Miniature Monday – 10 mm Miniatures

Several years ago I bought this Empire army for Warmaster. Sadly, it arrived just in time for me to pack up when we were moving from New Hampshire to Maryland. I was unable to find an active miniatures community in the area where we lived (I’m not playing AoS), so these minis languished in storage for years.

Just the other day I was unpacking and found them, ooh, it’s like Christmas in June!

10mm Warmaster Empire army

They need a little bit of TLC, and some aren’t painted or based at all. But that is OK, because it looks like there are enough minis here to create two good-sized forces for learning to play Chainmail!


10mm Kislev horse archers

10mm Warmaster General
a teeny, tiny diorama!


10mm Warmaster Empire halbardiers

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