Upcoming Articles and Writing Projects

Upcoming Articles and Writing Projects

There is a lot going on at Casa Esteban these days, including an impending geographical change. Sigh.

Oh, well, one thing that will not change is the fact I love to write for this blarg. based on a recent questionnaire and twtr chats, here is a list of some upcoming blarg topics:

World of Weirth LFG supplementCampaign Related

  • What is the role of the gods?
  • Who created the world?
  • Why did the Saringa forget their heritage?
  • Why did the Alfen leave Weirth?
  • What other Human-like races exist?

Gaming and design related

  • How did you create these character classes?
  • How did you come up with this Players Guide?
  • Why not just use “System X” rules-as-written?
  • How do you design a dungeon?
  • How do you manage this overland travel?

If you, dear reader, have a topic that you’d like for me to cover, please share in the Comments. Or drop a line on Twtr @WorldofWeirth.

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