So, About that Job

So, About that Job

I have recently undergone a substantial life-change, in that I have a health condition involving my legs and joints such that I am no longer able to work on my feet all day. Some of you may know that I was in Hospitality and Restaurants for 20+ years, what you may not know is that life takes a massive toll on your mental and physical health. More than one commentator has opined on why it is that post-rona service businesses are having a hard time getting people to come back to work.

Who could have foreseen the severe staff shortage threatening to shut down restaurants? Well, everyone.

As I reported one year ago, 16 percent of chefs told @beardfoundation they were more concerned about hiring than luring back guests when they reopened.

Charleston area restaurateurs worry laid-off workers on unemployment won’t want jobs back


The primary reason is that the young (and old) people that have been putting up with sh***y working conditions for years discovered the joys of having a “normal” life. Of being able to spend time with family and friends. Of keeping a regular schedule and getting enough sleep!

I am one of those people. I have discovered that I just did not realize how much stress I was under working at the restaurant job, a job that did not take advantage of my skills and years of experience. I no longer experience enormous levels of frustration because I see things being done incorrectly, or sloppily. I am able now, for the first time in a long time, to determine my own schedule and work on things that matter to me.

Here is another article on work, discontent, and change:

Work And The Content Of Discontent

We forget that the vast, vast majority of online content is written by a small contingent of either ‘content creators’ (imagine that being your job description) or extremely online shut-ins. The former have personal financial gain as an ulterior motive, the latter are usually pretty devoid of life experience, or indeed sanity as that term is commonly understood.

And yet these people- plus a professional journalistic class who for years have been increasingly driven into a pseudo-bipolar lather by partisan politics, social media dopamine and precarious career prospects- are the ones who dictate the direction of our discourse.

These three flavours of nutcase are the ones who shape our attitudes. So it’s no wonder that we hear so much about work being slavery and the rat race being a trap and all the rest of it. Because it is true for them. You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to be able to identify this particular stripe of psychological projection.

Read the whole thing.

I, for one, am getting busy creating “art” and (what I think is) cool stuff.

My first zine, coming soon!

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