The Campaign Document – A Method of Record-keeping

The Campaign Document – A Method of Record-keeping

I started a playtest campaign some time ago, in order to get feedback on a setting, a magic system, and create module content for publication. I have been keeping a running record of the Session Reports in a Word doc on my laptop, with an edited version for the players in a shared g-doc folder. It has been working pretty well as a record, but it is getting pretty long (22 sessions, 90+ pages!!) and searching it for particular items, snippets of lore shared, or other small details is getting unwieldy.

I have also been creating a “Lore Library” on WorldAnvil, as a reference tool for players and observers. This, too, is very helpful, especially as I can keep it player-facing.

There is another G-doc with a list of NPCs and their relationships, and two binders full of notes on places and things in the setting.

Tie it all Together

I found myself wishing for a way to pull all of this info together into an easily-managed, easily-searchable document. Something like a wiki would be ideal, as I could then hyperlink all references to the NPCs and places and items. Tiddlywiki Desktop looks like a simple, intuitive solution!

tiddlywiki desktop screenshot

This lovely tool allows me to copy/paste each session report into its own “tiddler”, then I can start highlighting and hyperlinking away.

I can even create additional wikis, say, for a Player’s Guide or Dungeon Style Guide. Both of these types of documents would benefit from having hyperlinks to Glossary terms right in the text.

I’m pretty excited about this development, and will keep you posted!

You can download Tiddlywiki Desktop for free here.

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