Cthulhu in Casablanca – A Series

Cthulhu in Casablanca – A Series

I have been working on an idea for a Pulp Alley-based skirmish game based on 1930s Investigators and Cultists and Deep Ones battling in the streets and markets of Casablanca for years.

I have old pics on flickr documenting the slow, incremental progress…that simply stopped about three years ago when I had some health issues. Then the rona came. Then the December Blahs.

Now it’s January and there is supposed to be an IRL Gaming Con here is SC next month. I’ve been invited to demo a game again this year, and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to buckle down and get the scenery done for the Casablanca game. (I think I have all the minis done that I’ll need)

Cthulhu Arkham investigations

September workbench

September workbench


Rick's Place primed

Over the next six weeks I’ll be putting together a scenario, a list of minis, a set of leagues, and figuring out what scenery I’ll need. The modular parts of Rick’s Place will likely be used as the Museum of Antiquities. We can have lots of fun in an old museum. At night. With Deep Ones and crazy artifacts!!

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