Why a F*re*e Newsletter?

Everybody has a subscription offer now. A patreon. A Ko-fi. A YouTube channel.

I’m going to get on the bandwagon, but I plan on calling a slightly different tune. The birdsite was a good place for conversation and discussion for a long time, but lately (in the past year or so) it has become extremely confrontational. And by that I mean a poster is likely to be confronted by total strangers over a perceived slight or, quelle horreur, not embracing the party line on some pseudo-philosophy.

Blogging is a cool way to share information and generate discussion, it’s not nearly as popular as it was, but it works for long-form essays and info presentation. It can also be hit-and-miss when it comes to discussion of ideas, whether you agree with the author or not.

The newsletter combines the best features of both Social Media and blogging – it creates a way for people who are actually interested in your thinking to get it delivered directly to them. It gets the message out without having to fit the framework of some algorithm and it comes straight to your in-box, so you can subscribe to the Lasagna Blogger without worrying about attracting the ire of your cousin who DOES NOT EAT PASTA.

dungeon-map-sample-artThis particular newsletter is going to contain some stuff that originally appeared on the blog, albeit in a newer form, and other new stuff that I am thinking about and would like to generate a discussion. A discussion that doesn’t necessarily have to be public… Substack allows Comments for subscribers, so we’ll test that feature together.

I am confident that those who sign up for the newsletter will do so because they like what they have seen so far, are looking for more of it, and may be more motivated than average to discuss it.

I want to talk about Worldbuilding, Character Classes and what they mean in terms of your Setting, creating random tables that enhance the aesthetic of your setting, and more.

Above all I’d like to foster a space where we can have constructive discussions about elf-games, complete new and exciting pieces of my game-world, and learn as much from my readers as I can.

I hope you will join us! Just type your email in the box below:

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