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(I started this post in February, when it looked like the Music of the Spheres adventure was COMING SOON! I’m still looking forward to running the three-game extravaganza, but I guess it’ll have to wait until 2021 or 22…)

When I got back into the D&D scene a few months ago, I started reading lots of blogs on the subject of the OSR. From time to time I’d click a link on a blogroll and fall down a rabbithole of amazing scholarship.

So many creative people are out there writing about these gaming concepts that I have known about since I was a teenager, but didn’t really think about. Because I was a teenager.

Then, I got into miniature wargaming and RPGs were left behind. I moved across the country and discovered that I just didn’t have time to get involved in more than one one hobby community. So I picked Minis.

Back in October of 2019 I read that Goodman Games was coming out with a re-print of the old B4 The Lost City module. Allegedly with a bunch of extra material… Wow! That is my all-time favorite module, it’s practically a campaign!

I also found this on the Goodman Games blog: Forgotten Treasure

Death in Luxor is set in the Egyptian city of Luxor not just because Egypt is a good Lovecraftian setting, but also because Harley had recently been immersed in Egyptian flavor. “I wrote the first Age of Cthulhu adventure,” he says, “after living in the third-floor apartment of an Egyptologist who worked seasonally at the Chicago House in Luxor (where our adventure begins). She would rent out her art studio as an apartment when she was overseas. It was furnished will all the eccentricities you’d could imagine, given the owner was a successful visual artist moonlighting as an expert in ancient Egyptian art: massive abstract paintings stacked along the walls; a full-sized mummy she had created for herself; cups, plates and utensils from around the world; towering palm plants; empty birdcages.”

“After a few seasons, she gave up the apartment, and I inherited much of the non-art (the guardian mummy moved on with Susan). I gave it up in turn, and took the last of the remaining artifacts and relics. A month later, the building and the entire block burned down, reduced to a skeleton of old bricks and collapsed beams. The new renter had fallen asleep while smoking a cigarette in bed. Most everything in that apartment appears in the adventure, even if only cursorily. The elderly immigrant couple struggling up the narrow stairs, the master framer on the second floor, the large-bellied balding man that collected all those dolls — they inhabit my Luxor, while something unknown and horrible lurks just outside.”

The adventure also draws heavily on Harley’s fascination with early 1900’s occultism, in this case specifically Madame Blavatsky and her Theosophists. They are cast in Death in Luxor as a world-spanning organization bent on securing the secrets of the Old Ones, and their influence appears in other Harley-penned products as well. “Journey to the Center of Áereth is my latest attempt to draw from that same well,” Harley says. “An ambitious judge could draw a campaign line through Journey to the Center of Áereth, Music of the Spheres (coming soon), and Death in Luxor to create a campaign spanning three epochs and at least two game systems.”


Three Epochs. Two Game Systems. Wow!! that sounds super exciting.

Sadly it’s what, nine months later and there is finally an update on Music’ from Goodman Games’ blog:


DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos will be a boxed set adventure, that contains one of the most complex and intricate dungeon designs ever. The adventure contains multiple spinning wheel maps that truly change the way the dungeon is played.

To give you all the details, we invite you to watch the What’s New With Goodman Games video from Bride of Cyclops Con that is on our YouTube channel.

“…it’s a puzzle, it’s an adventure map…”

DCC 100 The Music of the Spheres is Chaos

Aspects of the characters’ strengths and weaknesses wax and wane with the rotation through the zodiac within the mountain.

I am embedding the video here for you, it should be queued up to the part where Harley Stroh talks about Music of the Spheres and what we can expect…

I am looking forward to the day this is in my hot little hands. I will run the epic, three-part adventure campaign!

Stay tuned!

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