World of Weirth on World Anvil – More Peoples

I’ve added some more lore to the World Anvil account, detailing some of the races and creatures of Weirth.

The Tanso:

The Tanso are a secretive and isolationist people, centered around the great lake of Lago Tanso in the North. They have made their homes on boats and barges since time immemorial, except for a select few clans/family groups that roam the lands of Weirth in caravans of covered wagons.

The Tanso are known for very fair skin; eyes of blue, hazel, lavender; and hair that is wavy, dark auburn through red. They are shorter in stature, than any of the other Human races on Weirth, being wiry and strong with long, dexterous fingers.

The Darklings:

Darklings are monstrous human-like creatures that dwell in deep forests and caves, known to be tribes of cannibals that desire to eat human flesh raw. It is believed that they are humans who have forgotten the faces of their ancestors (an old Xythian turn of phrase that means someone is acting/behaving inappropriately or shamefully). Children are often threatened with “being left out in the woods for the Darklings to eat!” to deter bad behavior.
These bestial creatures are rumored to exist in different varieties – green, grey and purple – some say the green ones are the size of a gnome, while the purple are bigger than the largest of men.

The Succubus:

A succubus is a devious and monstrous supernatural entity that poses in the Prime Material plane as a (usually) female form. They dwell between Weirth and the Dream-like realm of Alcerinda, appearing in dreams to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. According to religious traditions, repeated sexual activity with a succubus can cause poor physical or mental health, even death.


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