WW on WorldAnvil – Tuathacoma, the High Desert

In the Faerie Realm there is a desert, located high on a plateau, between two mountain ranges:

This high, dry plateau is home to a variety of strange and monstrous creatures, as well as two sorts of human-like creatures that call it home. The Thri-Kreen are an insectoid race, looking for all the world like gargantuan praying mantises. Like most creatures of Tuathacoma they are hexapedal, with four “rear” legs and two “fore” legs. The left foreleg is much the same as a typical mantis, with a large, grasping claw. The right arm is longer, with an additional articulated joint and a kind of grasping “hand” at the end, which enables this creature to use tools. They have exceptional darkvision and keen sense of hearing. 

The other intelligent Fae race of the high plateau is the Wemic, a sort of lion-centaur. Wemics are larger and stronger than humans, and can make great leaps with a running start. Their fore claws were extremely sharp. They have mediocre eyesight, including darkvision, hunting instead by their senses of smell and exceptional hearing. The humanoid, anterior portion of a wemic has feline characteristics around their eyes, ears and nose/snout with pointed teeth. Males have thick, lion-like manes, while females sport a tall crest.

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