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Healers? Or spies?

The Raven Goddess has dominion over the realms of Healing, Protection, Initiation and Messengers. She is the Keeper of Secrets and Protector of the Innocent.The priesthood is only open to women, by long-standing tradition, though the ranks of the Exalted and Sages are open to men and women alike.The Sisterhood of the Raven are known for spectacular charity, and are the reason that poverty and beggardom are essentially unknown in Weirth.

The church is open to aid and comfort all of the afflicted, whether through accident, malice or warfare. All who are so healed are given tasks and responsibilities withing the church, in the Laity or in Service. These jobs are meaningful and rewarding, especially as a full education is available to all who pledge their lives to the Raven.

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