Adding Fate Points to the Weirth Setting

Several game systems have a “Fate” mechanic, wherein players can alter die rolls and/or change the course of a scenario from bad to good (or at least better). In the “Age of Conan” supplements to OD&D by Jason Vey, there are some interesting rules for Fate which will be modified for this setting.

Characters begin the game with three Fate Points. They will gain d4+3 points when gaining each level.

Fate points can be “spent” to alter certain conditions:

One Fate Point

  • +1 die “Advantage” roll (before a roll is made) (NOT for Spell failure)
  • +1 die at “Disadvantage” (AFTER a roll is made, and failed) (NOT for Spell failure)
  • Creating a “Lucky Break” plot twist to assist the PC/Party to get out of a jam

Two Fate Points

  • Automatically pass a Saving Throw (instead of rolling)
  • Automatically pass an Ability Check (instead of rolling)
  • Call upon an “Inner Reserve” to heal 1/2 of the HP damage taken in the previous round
  • Sacrifice an item carried on their person to avoid a Critical Hit (before a damage roll)

Three Fate Points

  • Negate the results of a Spell Failure Roll
  • Heal damage beyond zero HP to return to 1 HP, in Stable condition

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